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Third Wave of Coronavirus

Understanding the Third Wave of Coronavirus

Recently the third wave of Coronavirus was discovered in India. Although the disease has already killed over 13 thousand children, yet the number is still relatively low. The recent discovery was made through sequencing of the genome of a strain of L.Acnes which was isolated from a child who had fallen sick with a case of Coronavirus Type One. A subsequent investigation by the Indian Ministry of Health revealed that the disease was caused by a strain of L.Acnes which was previously known as “plexin neighbouring”. This particular strain of L.Acnes was the first ever detection of a genetically transmitted pathogen in humans.

Third Wave of Coronavirus in india

The scientists found that the third wave of Coronavirus which had been recently discovered was also associated with several other strains and L.Acnes was only one of them. With the increasing number of cases and deaths being reported each day, the scientists have now warned that the third wave may become a fourth or a fifth epidemic depending on how fast it spreads and its strength. In any case this virus can be considered to be a threat because all the outbreaks so far have lasted for more than two weeks. It is quite possible that this disease could become the new epidemic which causes most of the death in India.

Since this disease has not yet reached its full epidemic level, a lot of people are wondering what has caused this crucial lag. There are rumors that the vaccines used in this campaign are not efficient against L.Acnes and that is why there are still so much confusion and controversy surrounding the vaccine. This rumor has not gained ground and is still widely believed by people. The main issue is that since the vaccines used are developed keeping in view the ability of each type of virus to develop immunity, this does not mean that L.Acnes is also too weak to be targeted by these vaccines. Since immunity is different for every virus and since the efficacy of these vaccines has been proven, there is no cause for worry at all.

L.Acnes was first isolated back in 1970 in Japan. Since then it has spread all over the world, from Asia to Europe, America and even South Africa. One of the reasons why the disease has become so resilient is that it has yet to find its place in the human immune system. This is the reason why it has not been diagnosed and treated with any great severity. Since the disease only affects the surface of the skin, the symptoms do not appear until it reaches the deeper layers.

However, due to the recent research done by the scientists, the risk of getting infected with this disease has increased. This is one of the main reasons why the government is now encouraging women to undergo monthly screenings for the virus. If detected in time, the doctors can successfully treat the infection and reduce the impact on the woman’s reproductive organs. However, since the detection of the third wave of this disease has only occurred recently, the physicians are not sure how serious the infection might be.

So how does this infection affect us? The third wave of this disease usually takes longer to develop compared to the other waves. However, symptoms will surface during the third wave. The most common symptoms include fever, abdominal pain, headaches, tiredness, skin lesions, muscle pains, diarrhea, nausea and vomiting. If the infection affects the reproductive organs, it can cause discharging or unusual bleeding.

The only way to determine whether you have contracted this disease is through proper diagnosis. It is also important to realize that symptoms tend to vary from individual to individual. If you experience any or all of the symptoms listed above, it is advisable to go and see your doctor to confirm the diagnosis.

Now that you know the meaning of the third wave of Coronavirus, it is high time we move on to the treatment. Since the disease has no known cure, the only way to ensure you are healthy is to avoid getting the infection in the first place. That is why, it is highly recommended you practice safe sex. That is the best way to prevent becoming infected. Remember, every act of unprotected sex can contribute to the spread of the Coronavirus.


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