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study aboard guide

Study abroad | Complete step-by-step guide | 2021

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Study abroad: studying abroad is one of our big dreams. We look for opportunities to learn, work and even emigrate to have a better quality of life. Do you want to know how to achieve it?

Maybe you are interested in Ireland, Spain or Malta. You may also be attracted to a season in Canada. Or you want to travel to Australia or New Zealand. From grow, we have the keys to reach the destination of your choice.

? Discover the best destinations to travel, study and work. We also show you how to achieve them with growth. Keep reading!?

Benefits of studying abroad

Benefits of studying abroad
Benefits of studying abroad

There are dozens of good reasons to study abroad in 2021. We tell you the 5 reasons that are driving travelers like you. Forget about adversities and problems!

Learn new languages ​​in the best way

By studying a language abroad, you experience language immersion. It is about total exposure to the language you want to learn. Thus, you practice in your day-to-day all the skills (listening, speaking, reading, and writing) that you learn in class.

Direct contact with native speakers will help you assimilate more quickly and effectively the new language. It is also the opportunity to meet interesting people and make friends for life.

Studying English or French will open many doors for you. In fact, it has become a necessity in the market. What better way to do it than in English or French-speaking countries?

Access great study opportunities

Canada, Ireland, and Australia, three of the destinations that we suggest, shine among the best countries to study. This is due to its high quality of life and its educational systems with ample opportunities for international students.

In these nations, you can learn languages, continue with programs that train you for work. Then you have to choose some of the top universities in the world. You choose how to study abroad.

At grow, we make sure to give you access to accredited institutions in each destination. Thus, your investment is guaranteed with trained teachers, flexible hours, and quality services. Come and travel with us!

You know new cultures

One of the reasons to study abroad is to get to know different peoples and traditions. The Canadian cultures and Australia, for example, derived from a mixture of nations is reflected in its history and customs.

During your stay, you get closer to different worldviews. You also have the opportunity to know the millenary legacy in the architecture of ancient countries. Between the works,

And the cultural encounter not only allows you to meet others. It gives you a new perspective from where to look at yourself, your culture, and the society you come from. Sounds great, doesn’t it?

Give your resume a boost

Many who are going to study abroad do so for one purpose: to improve their resume. To do this, they look for world-renowned universities and institutions. The title you get from them can open many doors for you.

During your stay, you can work and study at the same time with the appropriate visa for each country. This is the best tandem to acquire knowledge, experience, and money for your day-to-day expenses.

Get trained to do it big

How will studying abroad makes you more empowered? Well, by learning a language, you will develop various skills. Studies show that bilingual speakers activate areas of the brain specialized in conflict resolution.

Courses to study abroad | What to study

Maybe you are already motivated to study abroad, but you wonder what courses to take and where. Well, grow offers you the best options, from languages ​​to university programs. Sight!

Language courses

One of the main goals of studying abroad is to learn English. And as this trend becomes more and more popular, various schools around the world have programs for international students.

For example, Canada is a Francophone and Anglo-Saxon country. In its main cities, English and French courses are offered. In countries like Australia, New Zealand, and Ireland, there is a great demand for English programs. checkout our scholarships

General English

The general English courses ranging from basic to advanced. They are taught by native teachers specialized in teaching the four aspects of English: reading, writing, listening, and speaking.

Its duration ranges from four months a year. In this way, they open up the possibility of combining classes with a part-time job in some countries. Check out!

Intensive English courses

If you prefer a program of short duration but with the same effectiveness, intensive English courses abroad are ideal for you. Its duration is two weeks and three months. Therefore, you can take them with a tourist visa.

Preparation for official exams

Preparation for official exams is aimed at students with an intermediate/advanced level of English, who want to prove their knowledge of the English language through an official exam: IELTS, Cambridge, or TOEFL.

French courses

As we told you above, Canada also offers French courses. Along with English, it is the official language. The city of Montreal, in the province of Quebec, is the second most French-speaking in the world, only surpassed by Paris.

Best countries to study abroad

Best countries to study abroad
Best countries to study abroad

Among so many countries, which is the ideal to study abroad? After helping thousands of travelers for 8 years, GrowPro has a selection of six destinations with the best conditions for international students. Discover them!

  • Australia
  • Canada
  • New Zealand
  • Spain
  • Ireland


you will be able to easily solve everyday problems or perform several activities at the same time. Also, you will become a more efficient speaker in your mother tongue.

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