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Situation in Afghanistan after US withdrawal

Security Concerns After US Pullout From Afghanistan

The situation in Afghanistan after the US withdrawal is the best indicator of what lies ahead for the people of that country. Whether or not the US can be rolled back depends on the attitude of the Afghan people and the conditions on the ground. If the people are ready for peace, it is obvious that the Taliban cannot hold on to their power. But the question remains, if the government is not ready for peace then who is? Is there a third party involved?

The history of Afghanistan goes far back to the time when Islam’s presence was just beginning to make its mark on the world stage. The people were mainly tribal, warring against non-tribesmen and foreign invaders. When the European powers forced their way into the country through the arms of the Maharajas, who controlled the major trade routes, the tribes were quick to welcome them. The British and French made an easy entry by fighting their way through the Hindu population. This created a situation in Afghanistan, where there was already a tribal setup, which collaborated with the foreign forces.

After the French and the British left, an atmosphere of intolerance and religious sentiment enveloped the country. This caused the formation of numerous guerrilla groups, which were fighting among themselves. This gave birth to a series of armed conflicts and insurrections, which the invading armies eventually had to withdraw from. Even today, the fighting still continues, between the various warring parties. The main political issue is how to control the different groups, which are not yet politically mature enough to come into a consensus.

It is clear that there are two main reasons why the US was withdrawing from Afghanistan. The first is the security challenge that it has faced after the US withdrawal. It is obvious that insecurity is one of the major reasons why the US military decided to withdraw. The other is the lack of support from the Afghan government. No one is quite sure whether the government has the will and the ability to maintain the post militarily.

In fact, it is true that there was never a real possibility for the US to defeat the Taliban in a military combat. There were too many weak points in their logistical armour. Besides, their leadership was totally corrupt and unprofessional. Insurgency is a political process; you cannot choose the people who will fight against you. The problem of insecurity and lack of support can be solved through multiparty elections.

Many people blame the US administration for the situation in Afghanistan after the withdrawal. Some even blame the Pakistan government as well. It is true that both these governments have a stake in ensuring stability in Afghanistan. However, their involvement cannot be compared to that of the US military, which has no stake in the matter. Their only objective is to ensure security for the population.

At the end of the day, it is the residents of Afghanistan who will suffer the most from the vacuum that has been created after the US withdrawal. The international terrorists will not leave Afghanistan. Neither will the drug trade go away. Their only purpose is to destabilize the country so that they have an opportunity to strike inside. All this is being done to keep the power of Pakistan within its borders. In other words, Pakistan does not want to lose its stranglehold on the Afghanistan Iran border.

This is a reality. The US military knows this. That is why they have taken such aggressive steps to prevent the terrorists from getting a foothold in Afghanistan after the withdrawal. The question that should be asked here is that if the US military knew that it was losing the Afghanistan Pakistan border, why did they withdraw? Why won’t the Americans just stay and protect their population? This is really a mystery.


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