Scholarships to study abroad
Scholarships to study abroad

Scholarships to study abroad [GUIDE BLOG]

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Scholarships for International Students: What You Need to Know!

Scholarships to study abroad: Many students dream of studying abroad. It’s no secret that an international experience offers students the opportunity to make new friends, participate in an internship, explore a global city, create professional connections, and immerse themselves in a new culture, all while obtaining a prestigious education. That’s why students are signing up in droves to take their education abroad.

However, many students falsely believe that studying abroad is too expensive for their budget and do not know where to start the scholarship application process in another country. The good news is that there are many study abroad scholarships for international students who are interested in pursuing a course or degree abroad. Many universities and other institutions of higher education set goals to recruit a specific number of students from abroad as a way to diversify their student body and enrich the cultural experience on campus.

That is why many schools have created scholarships specifically for international students who otherwise would not have been able to afford them. Likewise, many universities also offer their own students the opportunity to study abroad by offering similar study abroad scholarships. There are also many independent organizations that offer global scholarships to interested students as a way to promote education and international relations. These organizations are often run by alumni who have studied abroad and recognize how fun and enriching the experience can be.

The important thing is that you understand what scholarships are available and which ones you are eligible to receive. Once you see the amount of support available and apply to receive as many scholarships as possible, all that is left to do is start deciding where your top study abroad destinations are.

So whether you’re looking for scholarships for master’s programs or a study abroad semester, read our complete guide to studying abroad scholarships to help you get the help you deserve.

How much does it cost to study abroad?

The cost of studying abroad can vary greatly depending on the length of your studies, the city you choose to study in, and the type of accommodation you find. Naturally, full study abroad programs are more expensive than just taking a semester or course abroad. Therefore, it is important to plan ahead to know how much financial support you will need.



There are several factors to consider in addition to tuition fees. Determine the cost of living in your new city. How much does accommodation cost on average? Is food usually expensive? Do you plan to eat and drink in bars or restaurants? Do you want to continue traveling while abroad? Do your courses require you to buy expensive materials? What are the expenses associated with visas or residence permits? Will you have any income? There are many important questions to answer in order to calculate the sum total of what you will need.



Although it may seem expensive, there are also many ways to stay on a budget! For example, don’t pay your rent alone, find a roommate. You will immediately cut your hosting costs in half! Cook yourself whenever possible. Eating out can add up quickly, especially if you add drinks to the tab. Look for student discounts. Even some of the world’s most famous attractions and landmarks offer steep discounts if you show a student ID, so take advantage!

That being said, scholarships to study abroad come in a wide range of amounts. Make sure to check in advance so you can budget accordingly.


What does a study abroad scholarship cover?

Depending on the global scholarship you receive and who provides it, what the scholarship will pay for varies greatly. Most scholarships are designed to cover the basic cost of study. This includes the cost of tuition, student fees, books, and any other school-related costs. In some cases, a portion of your living costs will also be covered, including food and lodging costs.

Other international scholarships are less strict. They will simply provide you with a lump sum of money that you can apply towards your studies as you see fit. That doesn’t mean that you can or should spend your money on anything, it’s all meant to fund your education. The difference is that you can prioritize your own budget and apply financial aid accordingly.

Often the scholarships also come with stipulations from donors. Most organizations consider it an educational investment rather than a simple gift. For that reason, college scholarships often have conditions. It is common for scholarships to require a certain grade point average throughout your studies or for a certain level of performance to be maintained in order for you to continue receiving financial aid.

It is also important to consider when the scholarship money to study abroad will be awarded. Scholarship money is generally paid in a lump sum prior to the start of the semester, but in some situations, it can be distributed in installments throughout the year.

Scholarships are paid to the student or directly to the school treasurer’s office. Each school or organization has its own procedures for when the scholarship money will be awarded. Be sure to ask ahead of time so you don’t get stuck with a large bill and no funds to cover it.

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