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Malika Cheema Leaked Video | TikTok Star Malika Cheema viral video | Viral News Pakistan

Malika Cheema Leaked Video | TikTok Star Malika Cheema viral video | Viral News Pakistan

One more Pakistani TikTok star has to turn out a leaked video scandal. Malika Cheema, with greater than 7 million likes on TikTok, has fallen sufferer to the viciously darkish aspect of social media.

After Minahil Malik and Jannat Mirza’s leaked footage, Malika Cheema has turn out to be the third Pakistani Tiktoker to face such points. The three scandals introduced themselves inside every weekand folks at the moment are beginning to marvel if there’s extra to those tales than meets the attention.

Malika Cheema Leaked New Video:

As per studiesevidently Cheema videotaped herself in an inappropriate setting, allegedly for her boyfriend. Based on some sources, her video was leaked by her former boyfriend.

Nonetheless, these studies haven’t been confirmed by Malika herself.

She is but to talk up and provides her two cents on the matter.

After this newest leak, persons are not refraining from sharing their opinions. Whereas some imagine these TikTok stars are leaking provocative footage themselves (for consideration), others say they’re naive children who merely made a mistake.

Regardless to say, that is improper from each perspective and needs to be ended sooner relatively than later. This stuff adopted by trolling and bullying can take a toll on the psychological well being of the victims.

We hope these Pakistani TikTok stars take discover of those conditions and do their due diligence. Given the risks of social media, the onus can be on these stars to behave extra responsibly than they’ve up to now.

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