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Dozens Dead After Heavy Rains in Germany

Heavy Rains in Germany

Dozens of people have died in Germany and other neighboring nations after heavy rain over the weekend. More than a week ago, heavy rain fell on the whole continent, causing flooding. Parts of Belgium were hit particularly hard, as the entire country was forced to close down. Schools were closed and many cities saw massive flooding. Heavy rains over the weekend also affected the UK. The floods have caused some flooding in the US as well.

The flooding has caused some major disruption in Germany. Hundreds of thousands of families are living in the shadow of destroyed homes and infrastructure. Water levels have reached some of the highest levels in 50 years. While it’s not known how long the flooding will continue, at least several hundred thousand people are being displaced because of it.

One of the worst affected areas has been the cities of Munich and Hamburg. Munich was hit by more than 20 centimeters of water. The water levels rose so high that officials had to erect fences along the city’s main street. Several nearby towns lost power as the storm approached. Many of these towns have now been repaired, but others remain without electricity. Meanwhile, some areas remain without running water.

Hamburg saw some of the worst rain and flooding in Germany. In Hamburg, emergency services received hundreds of calls. Fire fighters had to use water hoses to battle the blaze. At one point, the rain was so severe that firefighters had to use a helicopter to rescue people from areas where the waters had completely covered houses. Thankfully, all areas are being rescued.

The death toll is still rising as rescue teams continue to search for those trapped in submerged cars and houses. Officials say they expect the death toll to rise because there were multiple disasters. Hamburg was hit with more than 200 centimeters of rain while other areas saw just ten centimeters of rain. Furthermore, there are rumors that some people remain missing and are feared dead.

Meanwhile, authorities are warning citizens to stay away from the areas that remain without electricity. The death toll has reached four and rescue workers are expecting the number to rise. Of the nearly two hundred thousand homes damaged in the flooding, about two hundred thousand remain uninhabitable. Authorities say they will not be able to provide complete protection to the entire area.

The worst affected country in Europe is Spain. The cities of Andalucia and Seville are particularly hard-hit. The cities saw over twenty centimeters of rain and many areas have not been restored completely. Across Spain, more than sixteen thousand buildings have either suffered serious damage or have collapsed.

Across other countries, the death toll from flooding continues to rise. Among the worst affected are Britain, where nearly seven thousand buildings have been destroyed. Moreover, thousands of people have been forced to leave their homes and seek refuge in hotels across the country due to the destruction and threat of further flooding.

Meanwhile, in southern Europe, the Alps region has been hit by one of the worst flooding events in decades. It has prompted the closure of dozens of schools as well as several ski resorts. In the French-speaking part of France, the region of Languedoc-Roussillon has also been badly affected. In Italy, the most affected area is Genoa city. The death toll has reached two with the flooding paralyzing many public transportation systems. Major cities like Bologna, Venice and Milan have imposed a total travel ban on all residents of these cities.

In eastern areas of Germany, floods have also hit densely populated cities. In Berlin, hundreds of schools have closed while thousands of residents have been forced to evacuate their homes. Moreover, Diehlmannnsburg, Tubingen, Kirchwerder, Elster, Mauken and others have also been affected. Hundreds of people have lost their lives trying to flee from the rising waters. Several cities are now expected to be completely inaccessible by road in the next few days.

Meanwhile, Turkey has been hit by a severe drought that has resulted in more than one million people losing their homes. Furthermore, Turkish officials said that the death toll is likely to rise as emergency rescue missions continue into the night. The death toll from flooding in Turkey has surpassed the records set in recent years due to the intensity of the disasters. At the same time, Turkey has been threatened with more disasters as the deteriorating conditions in the country are giving birth to more camps for displaced persons.

All these regions are facing grave water shortages and the worsening conditions of the climatic changes are aggravating already desperate situations. Drought conditions have been found in parts of central and northern Europe in the last few weeks. In many of the regions, the droughts have resulted in massive flooding. Meanwhile, in China, floods in the eastern part of the country have left several communities homeless. Hundreds of thousands of Chinese people have been forced to evacuate their towns and villages due to the flooding. All these areas will face worse conditions, unless serious action is taken immediately to prevent the worsening situation.


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