what is computer science

What is computer science? Computer science is the study of algorithmically generated, sophisticated machines and algorithms themselves. As a field, computer science encompasses a wide range of subjects from theoretical studies of algorithm, data and algorithms to the more practical matters of implementing such computational techniques in hardware and later software. Although computer science has different branches (such as artificial intelligence, software engineering, cognitive science, etc. ), all of them eventually result in the same questions – how can computers make intelligent decisions, how can computers understand the world, how can we design better hardware or software and how can we share and communicate information with each other.

Algorithms are the backbone of how computers work. Computers are really just very high-level systems of storing, managing and executing information. Algorithms can be simple and made up of few instructions that dictate when and how information is stored and transferred from a source to a destination. In fact, most of today’s computers use some form of algorithm as their basic form of internal computer communication.

In order to answer the question, “what is computer science?” one must also answer the question, “how does the computer work?” Computers can either run themselves or be linked to a human user via an Ethernet cable or a wireless network to allow for input and output, control and other processes.

Computers are programmed by their users in a variety of languages using an array of devices such as a keyboard, a mouse and a monitor. There are different types of computers such as desktop, laptop, tablet and the Web browser. Within a single type of computer, there are a multitude of types. For example, within a desktop computer there are various operating systems (such as Windows or MacOS), office applications (PowerPoint, Word and Excel), hardware (an Ethernet cable or wireless router) and devices used to access the Internet (such as a wireless router or cellular phone). The operating system and office applications are what is computer science; however, the hardware (e.g., the Ethernet cable or wireless router) is what is computer science best referred to as hardware.

Programming languages such as Java, C++ are part of what is computer science that is used by developers to create computer programs. There is also object-oriented programming (OOP) which is more of a structured science that deals with the programming syntax of languages like Java, C++. Software engineering is a field that is best described as the science of creating and managing software systems. In computer studies, software engineering deals with the software components and how they interact with one another to solve problems.

Software testing is what is computer science used to test a program once it has been created. The tester does not play with the program; instead he/she just reports back if the program functions properly or if there are bugs. The tester uses various methods such as fuzzing, exhaustive testing, unit testing, and regression testing. Units testing refers to a test case where the software is tested in various circumstances. Regression testing is where the software is tested against historical data; the purpose being to determine what the average response time for the software would be given different inputs.

The three major components of what is computer science are Computer Organization, Programming and Testing. These are the building blocks of any computer system and each has their own specialized meaning. Organization is the process of managing information in a particular database, system or application. Programming involves the decision making process of incorporating instructions into a specific computer language program. Testing involves both the examination of a program and the determination of its performance.

Computers have revolutionized many aspects of business, technology and society. Many careers are based on what is computer science. Those who study this science often go on to become computer programmers, hardware engineers, information systems administrators, security specialists, and professors. There are also people who utilize computer software to build websites, create games and do electronic mail.

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