what is a computer

What is a computer? It is the first and most important question most of us ask when we encounter the term. Computers are the apparatus used to control information fed into them either by a human user or a program. A computer is basically a device which is programmed to perform logical or mathematical operations automatically, by a process of instructions fed through a input/output cable to the main processor.

Modern computers are able to do many different tasks, but in essence they are still machines. There are many different operating systems used on computers. These operating systems vary from one manufacturer’s brand to another. Windows is probably the most popular and widely used operating system on PCs today.

The reason why Microsoft Windows is so popular is that it is the most widely used operating system on personal computers. As such, a large number of companies have produced their own customized operating systems to suit their specific needs. IBM is a great example of a company that has produced its own very own operating system.

The central processing unit of a computer refers to the brains of the machine. It is commonly referred to as the CPU. The CPU works with the memory, input and output peripherals and processing systems to give computers the ability to execute various programs. A computer consists of many different components working together to give you the ability to conduct a variety of tasks by utilizing the CPU to do the work for you. You might say that a computer is a machine with a variety of different components working together to complete various tasks.

Another component of a computer case is the computer monitor. The monitor is what you actually see when your computer is turned on and it generally either sits on your desk top or stands in the middle of the room with the stand behind it acting as the input device. In order for your computer to be able to display the images on your screen, then the computer must connect to an output device such as your keyboard or a monitor. It is through the connection of these two devices that you are able to be able to view the images on your monitor.

A third component of a computer’s work is the hard drive. Hard drives are used to store data which is then accessed by the computer through the hard drive’s USB port. The USB port can either be built into the computer case or can be installed external to the computer case via a USB cable. Most external hard drives connect via their own USB hub, which also provides power and USB connectivity.

Another component of the computer case, which is frequently misunderstood is the keyboard. Many people mistakenly believe that a keyboard is simply a touch pad attached to the front of a computer case. However, a keyboard is so much more; it is an interface between the computer case and all the different parts of your desktop computers.

The first thing that a user does when they log onto their computer is open up a text editor like Notepad or WordPad. They will then input some information into the text editor. Once this has been input, they will save this in the form of a file which is then saved onto the desktop. This file is typically stored in the location where you have saved the file such as My Documents or My Computer. The next step is for the user to then connect their keyboard to the computer case using the USB cable provided.

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