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Day: July 16, 2021


What is Cryptography And How Does Cryptography Work?

Cryptography Many people are not aware that Cryptocurrency is a money transfer system. It works in a similar way to how the Internet works. A website will act as the interface for Cryptocurrency. This website will allow users to perform…


How Does Bitcoins Work and Why is it So Popular?

Bitcoins If you are wondering “How does Bitcoin work and why is it so popular?” I have some answers for you. Before we begin, I should probably tell you why you are reading this article. You see, I want to…


Third Wave of Coronavirus

Understanding the Third Wave of Coronavirus Recently the third wave of Coronavirus was discovered in India. Although the disease has already killed over 13 thousand children, yet the number is still relatively low. The recent discovery was made through sequencing…


Digital Passport Will be Compulsory For Traveling and Shopping in Future

Digital Passport The digital passport is the most modern and up-to-date tool for identification. A person can enter the national and international data through it. This will make traveling or shopping easier and safer. There are some countries that have…

Earning Apps

How to Earn Money Without Investment From Amazon

Earn Money From Amazon There are a lot of different ways on how to earn money without investment from Amazon. One way is through the affiliate marketing. The process of getting your products linked to Amazon and promoting them in…


Dozens Dead After Heavy Rains in Germany

Heavy Rains in Germany Dozens of people have died in Germany and other neighboring nations after heavy rain over the weekend. More than a week ago, heavy rain fell on the whole continent, causing flooding. Parts of Belgium were hit…


Is Afghanistan Safe Now to Travel?

Travel To Afghanistan? Is Afghanistan safe to travel to? Certainly not. The risks associated with travel to any country are very high. However, is the security in Afghanistan high enough to allow travel to the country? Yes, it certainly is,…


Situation in Afghanistan after US withdrawal

Security Concerns After US Pullout From Afghanistan The situation in Afghanistan after the US withdrawal is the best indicator of what lies ahead for the people of that country. Whether or not the US can be rolled back depends on…