Today, that is, on the afternoon of April 9th, the SOA Developer Conference will be held. But just now, I am inadvertently discovered two photos from a few different friends. The same brand name and mine!

This should be the same game. After multi-directional, finally learned: Just this morning, SAIC’s big and mysterious characters held more than two hours of secret mission.

After identification, there is Baidu, the first photo is responsible for the vice president of smart driving, Li Zhenyu, Alibaba, and Tencent responsible for the vice president of the network and smart cars.

On the second, it should be that the Chairman of SAIC Chen Hong, Shangqi General Engineer Zero, and Yang Xiaodong, General Manager of Shangqi Bi Rivers.

The top company of the global Internet technology community – Bat’s technology and car fields, actually Qi brush and a car company quietly gathe it? More than two hours?

It is to know that BAT has never been carried out separately with a car company. Do you really want to group?

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