A few days ago, Xiaopeng Automobile NGP 3000 km is over the end of the challenge, the data in the itinerary is disclosed. These data reflect the ease of use and safety of Xiaopeng NGP automatic driving navigation assistance in Xiaopeng Automobile NGP, and also means that China Automobile Brand has taken a big step in automatic driving.

At the activity site announced, the CEO of Xiaopeng Auto Chairman CEO will reveal that the development of automatic driving technology is much faster than everyone’s imagination. In 2025, Xiaopeng has to achieve a higher level of automatic driving. Xiaopeng is not only the best in China, but also the world leading.

It is understood that NGP is that Xiaopeng has pushed the automatic driving assistance function of Pushing to Xiaopeng P7 users on January 26 this year. This function is based on user setting navigation route, which can realize automatic navigation assistance from A to B. drive. At present, Xiaopeng P7 can achieve high-speed NGP, which enables high-speed NGP, which enables NGP functions in many highways and some city expressways covered by high-end driving assistance maps.

In this NGP 3000 km, Xiaopeng has invited 228 guests to drive Xiaopeng P7, from Guangzhou to Beijing, a total of 3675 kilometers, and successfully completed challenges through a 8-day power-driven driving.

It is worth mentioning that During the driving process, Xiaopeng has collected 110 valid data. Among them, the data obtained in the case of using NGP includes: average bicycle NGP mileage 2930 kilometers, and the total number of changes to the overtaking is 6,245 times, and the total number of tunnels is 1215 times, and the total number of tunnels is 1308 times.

At the same time, on the way 3675 km, experienced extreme weather such as spans from south to north, and the extreme weather such as fog, heavy rains have also increased great difficulty to the entire challenge. It is reported that Xiaopeng NGP has averaged only 0.71 times, and the success rate of the changedrift over-vehicle has reached 94.41%. The ramp is 92.76%, and the tunnel is 94.95%.

This series of data has largely showed the self-confidence of Xiaopeng Automobiles for products and technology, and also used strength to demonstrate the hard strength in the automobile brand in automatic driving.

In fact, these volumetric data indicators not only show the hard strength of Xiaopeng cars, but also largely enhance consumers’ sense and confidence in automatic driving.

In the process of participating in the NGP challenge, the Securities Times is also clearly felt. At present, most consumers are still limited for the cognition of automatic driving functions, and therefore also generate corresponding non-exciting sense and uncertainty. Xiaopeng Motor has effectively showed the hard strength and stability, safety of the company’s automatic driving technology through the actual long-distance driving challenge, which will have a positive impact on the popularization of automatic driving and smart cars.

It is understood that Xiaopeng cars have been unswervingly promoting smart cars. From 2015, it has strengthened intelligent development, including automatic driving, and Xpilot automatic auxiliary systems also came into being. It is reported that relying on the technical capabilities of Xiaopeng Automobile and autologous research and automatic driving architecture, the NGP function based on the urban low-speed scene will also be rapidly landed.

Xiaopeng NGP 3,000 kilometers is an unprecedented challenge in the industry. The company will continue to be committed to doing more understanding of China’s smart cars, accelerating travel on the road of future travel, constantly providing better automatic driving products to the market. .

The public data shows that in March this year, Xiaopeng has a total delivery capacity of 5102, an increase of 130% from the previous month, an increase of 384% year-on-year. Among them, P7 is delivered 2,855 units, an increase of 103% from the previous month; G3 is delivered 2,247 units, an increase of 176% from the previous month. The total monthly delivery volume has achieved year-on-year growth in 9 consecutive months. In the second quarter of this year, Xiaopeng will also launch third new quantification models, and plan to be delivered in the fourth quarter of this year.

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