New energy cars have become a great potential, and all major traditions have accelerated product layout. At the same time, there are still many new power to stand out, and in the Shanghai Auto Show, all big car enterprises pure electric new cars will be piled up, both National goods boutique, there are overseas flagships, in front of them, and Ttersla is also eclipsed.

Mercedes is the leader in the luxury brand, and there is a plenty of light in the traditional fuel-saving market, but in the pure electric car market, the Mercedes-Benz is late, but it is full. At the Shanghai Auto Show this year, Mercedes-Benz will bring the flagship pure electric car EQS made based on the EVA pure electric platform. The new car supports the 56-inch large-size screen, and the WLTP operating will reach 770km, and 350KW fast charge.

In addition to the Mercedes-Benz, another big car in the BBA camp also had a big move on the Shanghai Auto Show, will bring pure electric coupe I4, the new car appearance is similar to the fuel 4 series, and the different is a lot of pure electric models. Unique elements, even people suspect that they are “oil-to-electricity” models. It is understood that the new car will be equipped with the fifth-generation BMW EDRIVE power driver technology, the maximum power is 390kW, the 0-100km / h acceleration time is about 4s, WLTP life can reach 600km, from the data to be in good level.

At the beginning of last year, Bill Gates said in an interview that Tesla was a leader that promoted the electric motor industry, and then revealed that he had just bought a Porsche Taycan, and at this year’s Shanghai Auto Show, Audi will bring a The model with TAYCAN shares J1 – Audi RS E-TRON GT, new car adopts the front and rear motor layout, integrated maximum power 440kW, peak torque 830nm, supercharged mode maximum power can reach 475kW, zero hundred acceleration only 3.1 seconds.

In addition to the Audi RS E-TRON GT, Audi Q4 E-TRON will also be unveiled at this Shanghai Auto Show, the new car is positioned as a compact pure electric SUV, based on the MEB platform, will be produced with the mass ID.4. According to reports, the new car maximum power can reach 306 ps, peak torque 460N ยท m, 100 kilometers accelerated 6.3 seconds, WLTP standard, the maximum battery capacity can reach 450km, and there is no great advantage compared to the competitive model, but it is also worth 30 Ten thousand yuan.

Not long ago, Changan Ford’s pure electric SUV MUSTANG MACH-E first project trial car officially launched, and will open pre-sale in Shanghai. In the object, this “electric wild horse” Bitsra is more looking at it. It is the most direct competitor of Tesla Model Y at home and abroad. 600km pure electric battery life does not lose any class model, and 3.5 seconds The hundred kilometers accelerated performance is even better than the Model Y performance version.

“Nort-North Volkswagen” is the best two major cars in domestic sales, but in the pure electric vehicle market, the Id.4 family based on Meb is not officially listed in January this year, and the higher level ID.6 family this year The Shanghai Auto Show will be officially released.

According to reports, ID.6 will still use the “Double Car Strategy”, which will launch a single motor version, equipped with maximum power 150kW, a permanent magnet synchronous motor of 310 cow, rice, and the ID.4 is consistent. As for the soil, the comprehensive working condition of SAIC Volkswagen ID.6 X is 588km, FAW-Volkswagen ID.6 Crozz is 565km, and it has achieved a high level in the industry.

Not long ago, Geely announced the launch of high-end pure electric brands “Extreme Kryn Auto”, and at this year’s Shanghai Auto Show, the first model 001 will officially appear. Officially revealed that the new car selling price will be around 300,000 to 500,000 yuan, comprehensively facing the latra Model 3. According to reports, the extreme 001 will use a single motor and two modes of the two-motor, the high power version is more than 700km, and the zero hundred acceleration time is only 3.9s, no matter which data is very bright.

In the new forces of the car, Xiaopeng car calculates the leader, its G3 and P7 have a good market performance, and at this year’s Shanghai Auto Show, Xiaopeng third model P5 will officially appear, it is said to new cars Positioning below P7, but higher than g3, price estimation will biased toward high cost. Previously Xiaopeng G3 became popular with powerful automatic driving ability, and P5 as a model with laser radar, and will carry a 30tops of the Yingwei Xavier automatic driving chip, nature is naturally better than expected.

The upcoming Shanghai Auto Show is the first international large auto show this year, and the key nodes after the epidemic, basically certain, the major cars will have a big show, and electricity is a great potential. Natural will be the heavy drama of this auto show. It is known to disclose information. Overseas car companies, the self-owned brands have heavy models, and the above have only part of the above, the future author will continue to follow into the Shanghai Auto Show, welcome everyone to continue to pay attention.

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