A few days ago, Great Wall Motors issued a hydrogen energy strategy and will build an integrated supply chain ecology of international “system-storage-transport-plus-application” to break the core technical barriers of the hydrogen energy industry, and downstream of China Unicom industry chain. At the same time, Great Wall Motors also launched a set of “hydrogen power systems” full-time scenario solutions – hydrogen lesions to accelerate the commercialization of hydrogen energy, helping my country’s energy structure transformation.

According to the plan, in 2021, Great Wall Motors will launch the world’s first C-class hydrogen fuel cell SUV; 2022, the hydrogen fuel passenger team will serve as one of the service cars of the Winter Olympics; 2023, will realize the number of core power components Domestic leading; 2025 Sword refers to the top three of the global hydrogen energy market share.

This series of plans revealed the determination and ambition of the Great Wall car in the hydrogen industry layout. At the same time, the industry has also passed another sound, and it is considered that the hydrogen industry chain is too complicated, long, and it is difficult to achieve a revolutionary breakthrough in a single bus. Recently, Zhang Tianyu, chairman of the Great Wall Hold Union Energy Technology Co., Ltd. accepted an interview with media such as Securities Times. Thoughts on the launch of the Great Wall Motor in the Layout of the Great Wall. In his view, promote the development of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, need to have a collaboration between the industrial chain, and then form a completed ecological system, step by step to pull the development of the industry.

Ecological construction is the key to promoting hydrogen energy industry

“The core factors that determine the development of a hydrogen-fuel cell vehicle in the past have been expected to be too high, but according to the data statistics in the past decade, the cost of hydrogen fuel cells has dropped by 80%,” Zhang Tian Yu told the Securities Times reporter, from the Great Wall From the perspective of the car, the cost of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles will decline in the next 5-8 years, and the cost is not limited to the core factors of the development of the hydrogen industry.

According to him, the current Hydro fuel cell car order received by Great Wall This year has exceeded 1,000, but the Great Wall car will sell in a one-time bulk. Zhang Tianyu explained that the infrastructure of the hydrogen energy industry chain has not yet been perfect, especially the number of hydrogenation stations, and the scale of the hydrogen fuel cell vehicles cannot be supported.

Most importantly, industrial ecology that is currently developing with hydrogen fuel cell vehicles has not yet been established. Zhang Tianyu said that hydrogen energy chain is more complicated than lithium battery industrial chains, from renewable energy to hydrogen, hydrogenation, and then to terminal applications, requires partners to focus.

The reporter noted that in the development of collaboration, Great Wall Motors have made attempts, at the press conference of the hydrogen energy strategy, and cooperate with the China Quality Certification Center, Tongji University, and its core purpose is to promote hydrogen energy industry. Rapid development.

Take a social confidence in hydrogen

The proposal of carbon Darum, carbon neutrics in my country provides significant development opportunities to various industries and green transformations in various industries. The automobile and transportation industry will also play an important role in the implementation of this goal in the implementation promotion of the automotive and transportation industry. At present, the industry is generally believed that the promotion and use of hydrogen energy is an important way to promote carbon and transportation industry to achieve carbon-up, carbon neutralization goals.

Combined with carbon peaks, carbon, the Great Wall Motors also proposed the long-term goals of hydrogen society. R & D and capital investment, etc .; to 2025-2035, using solar energy and biomass and other production hydrogen energy, further promote the promotion of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles in the global public service field; to 2035-2050, replacing traditional hydrogen energy The fossil energy economy, thereby building a hydrogen society, accelerating carbon neutrics and objectives.

Zhang Tian Yu told the Securities Times, the hydrogen fuel cell vehicle can effectively reduce carbon emissions from production to the application. In terms of production, the structure of the hydrogen fuel cell is relatively simple than the power battery, which is more advantageous in the recovery and utilization; after the manufacturing process, after the hydrogen fuel cell vehicle is produced, the vehicle enterprise can use the supply chain. The layout also has a certain degree of emission reduction advantage.

“At present, China’s car companies in the choice of various technical routes are the most comprehensive layout. Whether it is mixed, pure electric, or hydrogen fuel cells, everyone is exploring”, Zhang Tian Yu said that in the future, pure electric cars and The hydrogen fuel cell car is in a state of coexisting, but the market sector is different.

According to him, from the perspective of the entire group of Great Wall, the company will have a long-term layout of multiple technical routes. Zhang Tianyu said that the future, we believe that the arrival of hydrogen society will be getting faster and faster, but the infrastructure of the industry must maintain rational and cold thinking, the construction of hydrogen fuel batteries, the construction needs a step forward Advance.

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