Wulinghong MINI EV has driven a small electric car’s air, many car companies have also launched a small electric car to grab the market, such as today’s Hongrui Xiaohu, Hongrui Xiaohu walks the same route as Wuling Hong Kong MINI EV, It is quite “positive” taste, so how is Hongrui Xiaohu? Let’s take a look.

The front face of Hongrui Xiaohu is very cartoon, giving me a small raccoon’s feeling, Chinanet is still a closed design of new energy, it is a very small style, simple closed grille It has added a lot of beauty. Semi-circular headlights are very cute, and with a black trim strip running around, the car logo in the middle is like a small raccoon’s nose, plus the row of row of the hood, the whole Like a smiling small raccoon face, very happy. The air inlet shape in the bottom is also very attractive, and the overall shape is circular, the arc shape is the lovely element, the whole is very cartoon style.

The overall size of the body is 3380/1520 / 1590mm, which is relatively small. It is also a type of mini. The whole side is very simple design, but its hub design is still more interesting, four-leaf shape The hub design identification is still very high. The overall shape of the tail is more rounded rectangles. The large-area tail window area provides a very good vision in the car. The shape of the taillights is also rounded. It is the shape of the headlights, but also like a circle and The circular arc shape will bring a very cute visual effect, which is also in line with its own overall style.

The overall interior feels actually, first, under the color of the comparison, the air-conditioned air outlet on the center console is the design of the red tribe, this design adds the brightness and vitality of the overall interior, and you can It is a circular or circular arc shape to see the shape of the interior, which is the lovely atmosphere of the inside out to position and shape it. Also, have you seen the double-connected screen on the center console? Correct! Don’t doubt your eyes, you will see the double-on-screen in the car in this price, this is still very late. And it also has tire pressure display, reversing image, rear reversing radar, uphill assist and ISOFIX children’s seat interface, although these configurations are most models, but they are also very practical and necessary.

In terms of power, the motor is the maximum power of 48 horsepower, the peak torque is 105 nm, the maximum vehicle speed reaches 100KM per hour, the endurance mileage given by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology is 170 kilometers, I want this life, I can meet the daily get off work of urban moms. And picking up a child can still be satisfied, after all, its body is petite and right, it can improve happiness for your mother’s daily life and travel.

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