In recent years, new energy vehicles are a topic that can’t be opened in all car companies. For this emerging field, after a lot of bending roads, now, it has finally entered the stage of steady development. In many brands, in addition to independent brands, it is important to pay more attention to the launch of new energy models in the new energy models, and increased their new energy vehicles. When the world’s banned, the World, the public, the Mercedes-Benz and other brand have proposed a ban on the next five years. Shortly from 2025, Daimler Group also accelerated the layout of the new energy market and the promotion plan of new cars.

Recently, there is an overseas media exposed a group of new Mercedes-Benz EQC road test spy photos. As can be seen from the appearance, the new car is connected to the strip of Mercedes-Benz LOGO. It looks more like a blade shape. The eagle eye headlights on both sides are more sharp. The lower grille is used in a common matrix design.

From the side of the body, the new car uses a plurality of alloy wheels, and the spacing between the wheel arch and the hub is small, and it may be difficult to deal with complex road conditions, mainly as a business travel.

From the sideways of the spy photos, the new car uses a split taillight designed to cancel the design of the bottom exhaust port, which is also more in line with its new energy vehicle identity. It is understood that the first unveiled model in Mercedes-Benz pure electric cars should be this EQC, but due to the influence of the epidemic, the EQS model will become the first debut new car, and this EQC should wait for next year to formally debut, 2024 official Listed on sale.

For the previously exposed EQS model, the degree of camouflage of this car is already very low, only the head and the end of the car still have camouflage. It can be seen that the front grille is closed by the front grille, and the front headlights on both sides are designed, and the lower grid is similar to EQC. From the side of the body, the new car uses a five-way half-closed hub, more similar technology.

At the end of the car, the new car is close to the EQC design style, which uses a split compact rectangular taillight design and an unfolded gate setting.

It can be seen from the previously released interior preview, the new car will adopt three large electronic screen design, the air-conditioned air outlet is the same as the aircraft jet. The double-colored interior has risen the technology in the car, and the whole will give people a sense of luxury technology.

In power, Mercedes-Benz EQS is equipped with a maximum power of 351kW, a drive motor of peak torque 759N ยท m. And a battery pack of the maximum capacity of 108KWH, the operating capacity is 770km, and the new car will start at the world on April 15th.

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