In recent years, the new energy auto market has always been the focus of major cars, in many new energy models, and now the plug-in mixed model and pure electric vehicle model. In the definition of new energy vehicles, many netizens believe that although the model of power battery has reduced fuel consumption, it has benefited energy-saving and environmental protection. However, there is still no clear solution for future scrap batteries.

As we all know, the scrap battery is more serious for the environment, and this theory also makes many netizens think that the pure electric model is a pseudo-new energy model. The same is true for plug-in hybrid models, while reducing fuel consumption, there is a need to use the power battery to provide power, and finally difficult to change the results of the battery scrap replacement.

As one of the oldest car companies in the domestic market, the FAW Group has just been speculated in the 2018 new energy topic, and the first self-developed fuel cell has been successfully introduced. Recently, there is media broke the news, the first red flag 2.0L hydrogen energy special engine in the FAW Group’s independent research and development officially offline. In the future of the red flag model for this hydrogen energy engine, it is reported that the first model of the first model with this autonomous hydrogen energy engine will be the Hongqi H5 Fuel Edition.

For hydrogen energy engines, as the name suggestions, hydrogen energy is a dynamic energy of energy-saving and environmentally friendly. Unlike the pollution of the battery, hydrogen energy is powered by hydrogen and oxygen, and the exhaust gas contamination of the fuel car is only discharged from H2O, which is what we said. water. Moreover, the new hydrogen energy engine can also be loaded in traditional fuel models and applied to the current mixed models in the new energy market. It actually achieves energy-saving and emission reduction, achieving environmental protection purposes.

As a state-owned enterprise, FAW Group is different from the Great Wall, Geely, etc., has a deep technical support and brand culture. The red flag brand has a special meaning. Although the red flag car is not obvious in the previous year, the old style style is still maintained in the appearance and power. However, in recent years, with the rise of the red flag car, from the past, high-end models have been introduced to the high-end models and middle-end models, and the mid-range models are also launched. The appearance from the past, the gentle design of the past, and the red flag car still accepted the baptism of the new era.

From the road, the red flag-visible red flag can also be seen that the FAW Hongqi is accelerating the development stage, and the new hydrogen energy engine offline also allows FAW Group to cross a big step in the new energy market. It is believed that the model equipped with this power system will be more popular in the future new energy market.

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