Since the death of Wuling Hongguang Mini EV, the major manufacturers wake up, the original market has no resistance for the cheap car so that even if the configuration is low, even if there is no airbag, it will make people compensate. In addition to the price of the macada mini EV, in addition to the price is low, it is accurately analyzed that there is no need to buy a car before buying a car, that is, it is not necessary to buy a trip, but more than 30,000 The human eye is a year-end award, biting his teeth, when you give you a hard a year, it is quite good.

The many major manufacturers who have learned later have begun to lay out in this field. Whether it is Changan Ben E-star or Chery launched a small ant, or Eura’s “cat family”, it is good after birth. Market sales. And the car we said today is also a electric trolley positioned at 3-5 million yuan. Let’s take a look.

Today’s protagonist is this Siyu E10X from Jiangqi Group. This truck is equipped with a permanent magnet synchronous motor, the maximum power is 45 kW, the maximum torque is 150 Nm, and there is no problem with the short-distance commuter within the city. At the same time, the manufacturer will collect the motor, controller, and reducer with the high voltage distribution unit. This weight decreases by 20%, and the volume is also reduced by 30%. It is worth mentioning that after such treatment, the start of the car is more fast than the same-level macro Mini EV and the Euler black cat, even if the first one in the red light is still Do not panic.

Normally, as a car in less than 50,000 yuan, it will not be too good in various configurations, but this Siyu E10X has provided three different driving modes. In standard mode, the power response is active and the power loss is normal. In long battery life, the power response will have some lag, and the highest speed will also be controlled at 60 yards. At the same time, the vehicle also designs the kinetic energy recovery function. When the driver sets the kinetic energy recovery mode to “strong”, the driving texture is very close to “single pedal mode”.

The car is divided into three versions in terms of the room, which is 150 kilometers, 200 kilometers and 302 km. The tapped battery is used in the lithium iron phosphate battery. Why do you say that behind this car? Because the supplier of the battery supplier and the Volkswagen battery supplier is a family, there is still a guaranteed quality.

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