Nowadays, there are many domestic auto markets, the SUV models of the pure electric power version have a lot of intervals, and the bottom of less than 100,000 is less than 100,000, and all companies have deployed their own models in various fields. To say that there are a few of the best selling today, then I have to talk about Tesla Model Y after domesticization, with the generality of the MODEL 3 is high, the cost of Model Y is not high, so manufacturers It can attract consumers with a wide range of price reductions. Don’t say that consumers really eat this set, although there are all kinds of unfavorable speech on the Internet, sales will not lie, and Model Y is really quite quite good.

In the face of such a huge market, many manufacturers have also accelerated the speed of launching new models, with a view to occupy more “site”, Changan Ford said that the domestic version of the wild horse will be listed on the 13th this month, the specific price is not yet Publish. Let’s take a look at how this car is.

In terms of appearance, the car was released overseas in 2019, and there is no much change in this appearance, and the design of overseas versions continues. It is worth noting that the car uses the current young people’s favorite slip design, and the smoked black treatment at some details will make this car look more gas field, not only young people like, some uncle’s generation It is also quite like this design. Although it is a SUV model, the red brake calipers and the large size of the spoiler make this truck look very moving.

The long-width height of the car is 4739/1811 / 1621mm, and the wheelbase has reached 2984mm; and as the leader in the electric SUV field, Tesla Model Y’s body is 4750/1921 / 1624mm, although the body The three-dimensional must be larger, but the wheelbase is not the rival of this wild horse electric version, the wheelbase is nearly 2890mm, so that the horseman electric version should be more worse.

The interior section, the interior of the vehicle is the simple atmosphere of the route, as far as possible, it will be able to collect all the way to the central control, but still maintain some physical knobs, which can ensure blind exercise in the driving process. In terms of scientific and technological configuration, the car is equipped with Ford’s CO-PILOT360 intelligent driving assistance system with the SYNC + Ivo information entertainment system to help vehicles realize the L2 level auxiliary driving, and eliminate the driver’s fatigue.

In summary, the car is a car that is very interested in an exterior interior design. Overseas versions are used as a reference, and the new models of domestic listing will also be very powerful. At present, the biggest competitor should be Tesla’s Model Y, and the EC6 equivalent level of EC6. If you are a consumer, would you choose this car?

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