With the gradual push of car electricity, not only a lot of new brands who have not understood unfamiliar, such as Wei Si, Xiaopeng and other emerging boots. At the same time, many old manufacturers have also begun to launch a new sub-brand and want to fight new energy markets. Today’s protagonist is a new car from Guangqi new child brand Eu, Aion Y.

In fact, this car has already met on the Guangzhou Auto Show last year, but the autanderend bold design made many people mistakenly think this is a new car concept. But it didn’t think, the bold design at the time became a quantified car. At the end of March this year, Guangqi official announced that AION Y pre-sale was officially opened, and the sales price was 105,900 yuan, while the listing time was the Shanghai Auto Show this year.

I believe that friends who care about electric cars are not strange for Ean, Aion Y is the fourth model of birth. The new car retains the original family design, and the manufacturer also designs a lot of small details for this new car. Specifically, it is the first to be impressive, the first side of the light, the whole is a vertical shape, and the lavore has also added a small egg design in the lamp cavity. When you light up, you can see this car to you. Surprise. At the same time, the shape of the wheel hub is also previously designed from the una seen, which is quite identified.

The overall size of the new car is 4410/1870 / 1645mm, and the vehicle axis is 2750mm. Don’t look at the shadow, but due to the special short-rear hanging design, the interior of the car is quite average. From the side, it seems to think this is an MPV model.

Enter the interior of the vehicle, like a lot of new energy cars, Aion Y’s interior also uses a simple design style. It is not designed to use a touch screen to do not design a separate physical button, which guarantees the tidy of the interior space, and it has enhanced the sense of technology to people. For specific scientific and technological configuration, the manufacturer provides a suspended wireless charging tray that can be wirelessly charged for mobile phones. At the same time, in order to enhance the audio playback effect in the car, the new car also uses Bongiovi digital audio processing technology, which can provide quality music playback effects for the car in the car during driving.

In terms of power, the car is equipped with a permanent magnet synchronous motor, a maximum power of 135 kW, a peak torque 225 Nm, a hundred kilometers acceleration time of 7.9 seconds. It is worth mentioning that the battery pack used by the car is the magazine battery that is the latest developed in Ean, which is most likely to ensure the safety of the battery pack.

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