If you want to find a unique car enterprise in your own brand, Great Wall Car is definitely the first choice, because it has given up the car market for many years ago, to create a global SUV leader, only relying on SUV products to achieve hundreds Tengregate sales.

We have said that the Great Wall car is unique, and there are other reasons, it is its car electricity development route, and all other autonomous cars are different, but more like Toyota, which is not interested in pure electric cars.

Holding oil and electricity hybrid technology, Toyota, is true with justified reasons for pure electric cars. As a very small part of the new energy vehicle plan, the pure electric vehicle is limited to the ultra-short travel, only the microcontrol is planned.

Great Wall Motors launched a lemon platform, covering different models such as SUV, sedan and MPV, as well as fuel, mixing, pure electric and hydrogen energy, but popular brand Haval and high-end brand wey, only SUV products, only fuel models and extreme A small amount of mixed model.

New energy vehicles have lag behind other competitors, so that Great Wall cars have seriously negatively in the “Dual Integral” evaluation, although the double points have been good in the past two years, but only on the microchual brand of Euler Minute.

The new energy car of the Great Wall car, only the Euler brand of the microcontrol, is also known as a black cat, white cat and so on, and did not see the pure electric vehicle model in Haval and Wey brand, only a few shortcomings just launched. Plug-in mixing model.

Toyota’s plug-in hybrid dual engine E + is based on oil-electricity mixing technology to achieve long battery life and ultra-low fuel consumption, while lemon mixed DHT in the Great Wall, more is to achieve 200 km of pure electricity in the leading industry. Low fuel consumption.

In the power battery sector, the honeycomb energy of the Great Wall, Toyota has TNGA Fengchao concept), which is developing the next generation of four-yuan material battery and cobalt-free material battery, and simultaneously carrying out the frontier of solid state, lithium sulfur, lithium air battery. technology R & D.

This is not a copy of Toyota’s past and the new energy vehicle development route. For example, the pure electric car is just a mini-vehicle, power battery development solid state battery, etc.

However, this route has already been given up by Toyota, and becomes a bowl of cold meals. Toyota is based on E-TNGA architecture, built a global vehicle and component alliance, starting from 2021 to raise rapidly in the pure electric car field.

I don’t know how to force the plug-in hybrid system, lack the Great Wall car of the mainstream brand pure electric car product, how to? Yes, the Great Wall also has hydrogen fuel cell technology.

Future, Toyota is also pushing a hydrogen fuel cell, and its passenger Mirai has ushered in the new second-generation model, but this technology seems to be abandoned by all car companies around the world, only modern, Honda and General. Enterprise in silent.

In the self-autonomous team, in addition to the low-profile of GAC ENA announced that the Ean LX hydrogen fuel cell models, only Great Wall cars promoted this new automotive power system at high-profile vehicles.

On March 29, the Great Wall Automobile Hydrogens was officially released, building international “system-storage-transport-plus-application” integrated supply chain ecology, launched a “hydrogen power system”, full scene solution – “Hydrogen” technology.

The Great Wall Motors will “Merchance and Tao”, and the first C-class hydrogen fuel cell SUV will be launched in 2021, the goal is to achieve the top three occupations of the global hydrogen energy market in 2025.

Just as Toyota will have a large-scale commercial use of hydrogen fuel cell technology in 2021, the Great Wall Motor will be 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, as the scale test site of its hydrogen fuel cell technology.

Also on March 29, Toyota and Beijing Yicong established Huafeng Fuel Battery Company, promoting commercial vehicle fuel cell system, the first Mirai-based fuel cell system commercial vehicle will be officially put into use during the year.

Borrowing a microcontrol’s Euler Putting, Great Wall Car is unscrupulous in the fuel car market, there is still a Great Wall gun’s pickup and tank brand off-road vehicle, ask the current Chinese passenger car enterprise, who dares to play so, so can play?

With the increasing demanding of fuel consumption and emission requirements around the world, Toyota accelerates the development of pure electric vehicles on the basis of popularizing oil and electricity mixing and adhering to hydrogen fuel cells; but only in the Chinese market Great Wall, it can be At present, in a relatively loose environment, it has a leisure time.

When the new car power is gradually growing, traditional car companies have entered the new energy automobile market, market and users have gradually pure electric car green, while the Chinese market is more stringent fuel consumption and emission standards will also accelerate.

The times are changing, the wind direction is also changing, and the Great Wall car of Toyota cold rice is now. Where should I get?

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