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Beijing, Chengcheng, Xiaopeng NGP 3000 km Expedition Media Cais, He Xiaopeng took a stage.

“Automatic driving development is fast than I think, I think in 2028, you can achieve a higher level of automatic driving, but now we think will be advanced to 2025.” His voice is loud, and there is a wine glass to pay close to all guests. .

I am at the stage, watching his sense of enthusiasm, watching a series of NGP “Hanging” Tesla NGP data released by Xiaopeng, watching him saying to be the world’s leading … .. Coryp probably one hour ago The small interview, I remembered what he said:

“You can talk about millet cars, I can not answer.”

“I am more likely to use mobile phones (speedy car)”,

“I recommend Lei to do cars from head until the end, when I have no investment of Xiaopeng’s car),

“When we cry, you are not present.”

“The ability of others is not the ability.”

“First he needs a electric car”,

“We are fully considering the automatic driving of globalization”

“Good entrepreneurial enterprises, and finally have good rhythm, of course, there is also luck.”

Xiaomi’s high-profile admission to make this interview stood in the tip of the wind. How Xiaopeng looks like this competition? What is the thinking and logic worth paying attention? How will Xiaopeng’s next step?

Hereinafter, Enjoy!

One “I recommend Lei Motion from my head to the end.”

When interviews, I asked He Xiaopeng, a friend who was released at 4 o’clock in the morning: “Life is very short, should be courageous, pursue your own wonderful. We have to applaud for your brave, regardless of the results, When you come to do this, the world will be more brilliant. “Asked him that it was not sleeping yet, and he was chatted with Lei Jun.

He smiled and said that it was because the hotel air conditioner was too hot, and he couldn’t sleep, he sent such a circle.

As for “Chatting”, “Tomorrow (then with Lei Jun) is chatted.” He Xiaopeng said that the day (31st) went to Shanghai, and returned to Beijing. In addition to NGP expedition, there are other work arrangements.

Before entering the formal interview, he suddenly smiled: “You can speak Xiaomi, I can not answer.”

Even so, we still asked: If there is a millet car, what is the essence of Xiaopeng Auto?

His mouth is very tight, the answer given is this: “I feel that every business will do the best in his own gene, I think this is a good thing for customers, very good things. Then I added another sentence: “So the things of Xiaomi cars ask this question.”

Later, the defense was less, and he answered a question about the baby’s car.

There is a media asking, about how the millet is made, the Lei Jun is communicating with him. He Xiaopeng said, “Call chat. Very good, I recommend Lei to do it from the beginning to the end.” When I started from his head? “He added:” No investment (start) “

Two We don’t Care

I am very curious, what Xiaopeng and Lei Jun chatted today? What did you talk about?

This is destined to not solve it, unless Xiao Peng himself said. One story that He Xiaopeng said on the same day did not know that he said that he said not to listen to the Lei Jun.

He Xiaopeng said that in the investment in the car industry in 2014, he saw a news – 70 new products released on the same day on the day of the Beijing Auto Show.

“If you do your mobile phone, do your browser, there are more than 70 different brands on the same day. Is this competition? The 70 mobile phones also have pressure. But (the automotive industry) is like this, it is a reality.”

After saying this story, he explained that he has always thought that it is doing electric cars “only the price is done, or only some kind of value is good, it is not enough to have long-term competitiveness. It is targeted, fight marketing logic. This To truth, we are not good at. “

What is Xiaopeng good? His answered is “Long-term logic, long-term technology”.

This is one of his most core views. Because in his opinion, today’s smart car market is a bit similar to the stage of mobile Internet population dividends, the potential market is very large.

“Change the angle, you may make it willing to watch electric cars when you don’t watch electric cars, this I have always thought.”

Xiaopeng Auto should face a long-term competition in the change period, and it is necessary to solve how to grow rapidly in a growth market.

Therefore, for the current competition, he said “We don’t Care.”

Third, “Now there is a relatively small mobile phone (ratio car)”

From this point of view, I will see this sentence when I have interviewed Ho Xiaopeng: “Now it is less likely to use mobile phones (ratio car)”, maybe there is no such thing as a deep or meaning.

He Xiaopeng should respond, is actually the next “big head”, including the millet, including apple, Huawei to make a car, what is the value of Xiaopeng did so many things?

The additional explanation of the above sentence is that He Xiaopeng said that he used to use a mobile phone to class more than the car, and many people don’t say that he is not right. Later, he slowly thought that the mobile phone and car difference were still quite big.

For example, mobile phone is a fast-selling product, which is different for brand, delivery, quality. The Chinese and globalization of mobile phones are very different; for example, mobile phones are risks to the supply chain of the supply chain risk control. Not too the same. These inconsistencies will lead to products, production, logistics, brands, market, market, and sales stores.

“For example, you sell cars in a car and mobile store in a car, their ability model, system has a huge gap, of course, there is no one, so I think it is like this.”

He believes that mobile phones and cars are completely different consumer goods. For Internet products, it is a website and a social client is completely two different things, one is to win, one by operating and atmosphere.

“This thing is really unlike Internet and fast sales.” He Xiaopeng said that the Internet and fast sales products have arrived in the final fission speed, and (car) “The last is difficult to fell, and the fission requires a long time. “

However, will not exacerbate the speed of the car crack, just like a mobile phone?

He Xiaopeng said that this is certain, but the core has always been “What is a good intelligent company?”

Fourth, “your ability is the ability.”

What is a good intelligent company?

Ho Xiaopeng talks about many, but scattered in all question and answers, if you let me summary, it is a small title: your ability is the ability.

What he said is not the supply chain capability of traditional cars, nor is it just the ability to combine the soft combination of mobile phone flights.

In summary, this ability includes a soft and hard combination.

For example, He Xiaopeng opposes the logic of the stack, that feels that a lot of hardware combinations will create a good smart car logic.

He took FF for example, saying that FF is the case, “2016 will be put forward”, even if it is placed in 2021, its hardware is not low-end. But “Good hardware combination represents good imagination? Maybe, but most of them are reverse examples.”

He believes that “hardware stacks are best for proper places.” For example, you have to do more design. Xiaopeng is now pursuing the depth of technology.

“Now that the laser radar is not only used, it is necessary to meet our requirements, the other’s products should be a lot of adjustments for the long-range high, performance and function of our requirements, and our ability is getting stronger.”

Second, it must be “his ability.”

He Xiaopeng believes that the price of the car should be calculated in accordance with the “quality multiplication” depth.

“Technology depth is subjective, you have used 20 kinds of technologies, there are 18 kinds of items, then you will be more than 20 kinds of cows, 20 kinds are nothing.”

For example, now the car companies are pursuing powerful, “” The force may indicate that you may have such hardware system capabilities, but you don’t have the software and algorithm. A Internet company said how many servers said, how? “

Must be “software plus data, hardware plus experience, service plus operation, must be closed, or do it.”

Finally, it must also include the systemization capability of the category of the car.

He Xiaopeng believes that the car must be combined with the hardware and software of the original consumer goods, plus services and scenes.

“Service Scenario is a brand of new car products. This is hard to do …. If you do your hardware and software? For example, what is the ability of charging ability? What is the ability of maintenance ability? What is the ability to operate? • There are not many systems in the hardware and software of previous consumer goods. “

What did we ask Xiaopeng? He replied a lot. Such as superchantry service capabilities.

“A large number of self-built, we do this year in all prefecture-level cities in the country, there are charging stations … From themselves, it is definitely not to make money. I didn’t recognize this is a basic service capability.”

We looked loudly that the ideal car said that their super charging is able to make money, He Xiaopeng counterattack: “First of all, he needs an electric car.”

He also revealed that Xiaopeng cars have been in R & D 800V high-pressure charging. “I feel very strong, this problem is already discussed in the previous year, as for when it announced, it is necessary to pay according to the actual situation.”

A section of He Xiaopeng in the interview, very essential thinking.

“The channel is the foundation, the research and development is the foundation, you want to run fast, work with people at the beginning, cooperate with your enemies, cooperate with your dealers, cooperate with the supply chain, but many skills Not your ability … My core concern is your ability or other people’s abilities, and others are not capable. “

Five runs forward, don’t look at others

This interview, He Xiaopeng chats a lot.

Technical classes, such as laser radar.

He Xiaopeng said that Xiaopeng Motor is likely to be the most laser radar in the world next year, and all the cars are all laser radar. “The next model does not have XPilot 2.5, all 3.5, then all 4.0 is not 3.5. You can choose not to drive, you can also choose the highest level of secondary driving.”

Even in a long time, the laser radar will be similar to the current Camera, a relatively cheap and standard \ is not a very complicated thing. “Today, everyone is complex, and a car will have a lot of integration in the logic of light in the future.” What is “light logic”? I asked, He Xiaopeng is also awkward, saying “I don’t tell you.”

Another example is, HD map and SLAM (synchronous positioning and composition technique).

Xiaopeng’s current NGP is still relatively dependent on the HD map. It is not big under the highway scene, but it is difficult to go to the city road.

He Xiaopeng revealed that they have a high-definition map in the leadership assistance system they are doing urban roads, and there is also a high-definition map, including SLAM technology, “(this technology) has been doing it for a long time.”

I am a mouth to ask Xiaopeng Will Xiaopeng will not buy a map of the map? He Xiaopeng said that they have a class of classification now, “It is definitely not enough.” But “All about future things will be announced.”

He turned, suddenly said: “We may have a different kind of automatic driving of other homes (do) China, we are fully considering the automatic driving of globalization, so if globalization, it is very difficult to use high-precision maps. “

Of course, it also includes a future outlook.

For example, how much is China’s electric car sales in 2025? 5 million, still more than 8 million.

He Xiaopeng replied: “I don’t know, I didn’t talk about this, but I think that our group is still can’t do it, representing we have not done it.”

Ask, there is a chance to “copy the channel” this market?

For example, a lot of suppliers now get up, you can use the supplier’s smart cockpit and intelligent driving solution to integrate, quickly achieve intelligence.

His answered is that this is to achieve “At that time, the speed of 70 points became fast, but the 70 points at that time may not be 50 points.”

“I am still a logic, in such a complex hardware and software combination, I want to take shortcut means that you will bent in the future, in fact, there will be a detachment behind the shortcut, which is fair.”

He Xiaopeng is also in the case of not violating the slogan. “Yesterday, some people say not to say all the all IN, do not count the cost?” This is the hardest point of entrepreneurial enterprises.

“Now the new big company re-creates the car in this industry, it is also an entrepreneurial enterprise. The most important thing is to control the rhythm.” He Xiaopeng said, can not do something, “Today you should do three things, do two days tomorrow Things, the next day, two things may be better, so the control rhythm is very important. “

“The rhythm is very important, I feel that good entrepreneurship is very good for the election of the rhythm, and of course there is luck.”

The article is written here, it should be ended. But I always have an impression, and He Xiaopeng also said a very critical thing – when running forward, especially when he is leading, don’t go to see what others do? The so-called face is meaningless. The key is to do your rhythm.

But this sentence is not in the recording. Maybe it is a chat, or I am a illusion.

Still use this sentence to end.


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