At present, in the domestic auto market, large-scale pure electric SUV basically has several fuel models of electric version and Model X and ES8, and other brands have not been involved in this area. However, this situation will be broken, the high-income of the birth brand announced the official listing of the high school HiPhi X, and the listing of 4 models was launched, and the official guidance price is 57-800,000 yuan.

From the perspective of the shape, the design of high Hiphi X is quite avant-garde, and six open doors must be able to earn a foothold in the street. At the same time, the car’s shape also fused over the double advantage of super-run and SUV, and the tail portion is designed to be more low, and the body part continues the high sitting position and large space of SUV. It has maintained a radical sense of sports car, and there is a super-gas field of the SUV model, which can be said to be considerable.

In terms of interior, the interior of the car is the same as a lot of electric vehicles. It is full of skill trees in technology, and several large display can meet the driver’s needs, and the person who can make the police will have the opportunity to be able to Take a look at the video and relax. The total liquid crystal donor disk of the main driving position is 14.6 inch, the central control screen reaches 16.9 inches, the display large screen of the co-pilot position has reached an amazing 19.9 inches, if it is the first time to enter the cabin, still feel very good shocking. In terms of comfort, the seat of the car uses a large-area leather package, which can support multi-directional adjustment, sitting on such a seat, is two words, that is comfortable.

Science and technology is not only reflected in the large screen of the vehicle, but the scientific and technological configuration is equally filled. The high-hit HIPHI X all models have the automatic driving ability of the L3 level, with HIPHI PILOT automatic auxiliary driving system, and mitigate the fatigue of people during driving.

In terms of power configuration, the car is equipped with two largest power of 220 kW before and after, using a set of 97 kWh-time battery packs, and the NEDC working should be 550 kilometers. However, don’t think this is its ultimate form, it is said that the car will replace 160 kWh of battery pack at the end of 2022, and the battery life will be upgraded to 1000 kilometers, and even driving the car for a long distance. Self-driving tour.

At present, in the Chinese auto market, major brands have fierce, and the news of Xiaomi’s car is more occupied by the headlines. In fact, a number of competition is a good thing for our consumers. I still remember that when I was a US group and hungry, I provided many large-scale consumer red envelopes. In order to win the market, many car manufacturers have to introduce more conspicuous configurations.

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