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In late March, Geely Group began to intensively release information. On the 23rd, Geely released 2020 financial report. On the same day, Geely announced the establishment of “Bikin”. On the 31st, Geely announced the “Zeekr” brand (Zeekr) and product launch conference will be held on April 15th “Tulk Plant”.

Although Geely has many brands, “extreme” is very special, should be scheduted separately. Extremely from investment, operation, brand positioning, product, and future direction planning, no particularity.

On this “Wanzhong”, Geely suddenly made a new trick, not to make fun, but included a summary of the new energy product line in the past few years, also included the thinking of the situation, more containing the future Pre-proportion.

In a word, you must take the rhythm and take a photo with future trends. From the arrangement of the tension, you can oscillate the door diameter.

Independent investment and operational framework

Extremely independent of Geely car, operate alone. The investor has two parties: Geely Automobile, Geely Holding Group. Investment ratio 51:49. Many people will mix the two as a talk, in fact. The former is a listed company, the latter is a parent company, a major shareholder, an investment entity. Both are independent legal people. The heavy assets are largely installed in the former, and the financial assets are mostly on the group.

The blood is the joint venture, registered in the Cayman Islands. In theory, the blood is a foreign-owned enterprise.

What is the benefit of the other of foreign companies? You can have a more flexible architecture, delay talents, convenient innovation, and terms of taxation. Moreover, Geely Holdings 49% shares, including employee follow-up platforms and user equity platforms. This means that the new company takes “users to build” models, is it a bit more familiar?

Li Bin took a part of the equity in Wei to “user trust”, mobilize the right to return to their own, and the benefits belong to “user community.” SAIC’s intellectual car, using the block chain to create a corresponding user equity platform, which is said to bind the vehicle data collection, feedback to the owner of the supplied data, but the use is oriented to upgrade or purchase the vehicle function. Those who have dual purpose is dual purpose, and the data is paid, give back to customers; the interests are bundled.

This is not a user partner plan. Because the user has no voting rights, there is no use right to make any benefits.

This money is a cyclone. It seems that it is actually available at any time, and it is free to accept it. The result of bundling with the user’s interests is naturally a boss of interest. Together with the window, pick up the gun together, it is better to make money together.

Geely has not yet mentioned the data plan, and it is estimated that after the product reaches a certain amount, some form “Data Partner Program” is proposed. This is double bundling, after tied more, the user’s loyalty must be improved, because the user inevitably generates “home spending money to buy home cars” that the feeling of unflow outside the field.

The benefits of overseas registration are self-evident: convenient overseas financing channels, applicable accounting rules and audit data mobilization are much convenient, and financial objectives are listed in the future. At the same time, the new business and Geely existing business have made full isolation, and the risk will not drag the Geely Automobile itself.

Breaking arrow

Geely’s new energy business has been great. Volvo EV, Geely Emgra el EV, Geely Geometry, polar star, maple leaf, and SMART project with Daimler joint venture. Among them, Maple Leaf, the Smart project has not been completely spread.

So many new energy brands, car systems, projects, single according to the technical route, have HEV, PHEV, EV, FCV, methanol. However, the proportion of new energy products has not met the requirements of the blue plan. This is not derived from its own product fight, but because the traditional car enterprise fuel car interest is too solidified, it is difficult to get rid of both income models.

BBA is an electric project, and it is also difficult, after all, the fuel truck is too well-priced, too strong. Going to the new energy share, psychological gate, team awareness conversion, research and production mechanism, all have lagging.

Li Shufu saw all this. If it is broken, it is too radical. 2020 years of revenue collapse, also 5.57 billion pure profits. If you constantly milk, it is dependent. SCIENTIARATION SCIENCE NOWY SCIENCE SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY.

Don’t look at the registered capital this money (2 billion yuan), Geely Group must have a wide range of transfer investment, the goal is the extreme Company. After the acquisition of Volvo, there is no one, let Li Shufu are alone, gambling all the family fight.

It can be seen from the personnel arrangement. Silvely, Li Shufu is reminissed by the chairman of Geely Group, Ancong Zeng, and the original CEO position of An Cong Hui, the vice president of Geei is approved. At the same time, the ultraklon company was served by Li Shufu, An And Cong Hui Ren CEO. Like millet, “Extreme Jun” is also a hand project. Since then, the group resource focuses, and it does not speak self. Tempel is likely to be positioned to pull the arrow brand of the overall group electric strategy.

“Vast” is a good job

The necessity and timing have the ability to swing. In September last year, Geely launched the SEA vast pure electric platform. And take this platform, joint venture with Foxconn. FF, Baidu may become the first founder customer of the SEA platform.

Many people see SEA as a thing of the fuel model platform. Geely and Volvo have also developed a CMA architecture for Star Yue L and New Emperor. The leader of the model platform is the public, its development MQB platform, has become the most successful fuel model platform in history. But now the platform has a common point, that is, the migration is relatively poor. They can only be used under specific corporate products and development architecture. If you want to use a platform for other companies, you must first recognize all of the electrical connection interface definitions and process standards for the platform.

But a new generation of pure electric plasters, especially if they are customized to customize, and cannot be designed. If the user can’t participate in the underlying software customization, there is no customer, see the mobile’s work system.

Geely has been able to penetrate the platform architecture, share parts purchases and production. Establish a general purchasing platform, which is the “starting” of the pure electric platform. The electronic electrical architecture of the pure electric platform determines its versatility, OTA capabilities, and digital processing power.

From a distributed electron electrical architecture, to a centralized, the E-E architecture to the deposition is the evolutionary route of most pure power platforms.

In the “centralized” architecture phase, it has the ability to upgrade the vehicle OTA upgrade. Simply put, the operation control is transferred to the domain controller, providing digital processing, providing digital processing, achieving a certain degree of intelligence.

Between different companies, the division of “domain” is different. The vast originality is that the three domains (smart cabling, automatic driving domains, and vehicle control fields) will be fused to achieve concentration. In view of the vast cross-domain center controller, it is in the “domain fusion stage”. At least some E-E architectural capabilities. It is still not clear that the data processing power of the vast architecture is not to reach data over TB per hour, and it can be considered to achieve full E-E architectural capabilities.

As a result, the vast structure is flattering the technical algority of independent brands and international first-line platforms. And in terms of technical features, all the games with the public Meb, Tesla Model3 / Y platform. It is important that it has a strong secondary development space. Users can directly secondly development of many API interfaces, greatly improve the flexibility of the user’s autonomy and development, while shortening the development process.

This is the first batch of capital that is extremely defective. The upcoming Zero 001 is the first batch of models using the vast architecture. The blood is intended to release a new model annually, I am afraid more based on market considerations, not the development cycle.

Compared with the geometry, the blood abandoned the traditional channel and will take the “Director Super” model. The pricing range will be higher than the geometry, the emperor series. At the same time, in the development of the blood, it also made a style from Volvo and polar stars. High-end electricity will emphasize performance, color value and intelligent technology, and the blood will also stack the adjustment of “technology fanatic” and “intelligent super group” on this basis. After all, the homonym of “Emi” is in that.

Geely will use the strategic level resource to operate the extreme brand. It may be unhappy with both a large number of brands under its large tickets and Geely. As the future of the golden tables, the company is independent, the unique operation, which not only shows a strategic attitude, but also expresses the forecast of Geely’s future development. Going out, the entire Geely Group can’t look back.

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