It is said that IoniQ 5 will carry a more advanced L4-level automatic driving technology than L2-level automatic driving technology, including some advanced laser radar and cameras that provide 360-degree horizons of the vehicle, of course, in addition to the L4-level automatic driving system All aspects and configurations of new cars are similar to those of the previously disclosed accessories. So, let’s take a look at what Ioniq 5 is like.

The overall appearance is like a “multifisa”, and the lines of each direction reflects the outer body of a very textured face. This design is different from the general traditional rejuvenation smooth design. The whole will give a very amazing technology. . Let’s take a look at his front face, the front face design is very simple atmosphere, the upper part is still round and smooth, then a large-scale relationship between the front and bottom of the head is separated from a black panel from the headlights. It is very three-dimensional science. The lamp group is also a LED source design in this panel, and then a black line that is vertical in the middle position is decorated with the lower part of the medium network part, the whole three-dimensional and technological sense, although it is very designed. Future, but you still can’t deny that it is still full of beauty.

The side of the scientific skills are more intense, the body is still a multifaceted shape of the line, but the overall and front face is imitated in front of the side or rounded and smooth, and the overall sharp three-dimensional sense is in the second half. The lines below the front door have a sharp angle to the waistline, and the line below is very hard, and then the angle of shape is natural is also very sharp. Remove the body, its hub shape is also very advanced, the size of the hub is like a net, the shape is very complicated, the outermost ring is still a sharp corner, which is very compliant with the overall style.

The shape and head of the tail echoes, the whole is very similar, do not carefully observe that you don’t know if it is a head, this is also a design of very science.

The appearance is full, the interior is naturally unfair, and the overall design of the interior is like a future vehicle operating room, and it is very simple but the science and technology is natural. The entire center console is a large-scale screen, which is the overall suspended design, the partial handle of the main drive and the secondary driving, and the overall is very spacious and translucent. Moreover, its seat design is also in line with ergonomics, and it feels very comfortable to sit on it.

In terms of power, modern Ioniq 5 has special versions start pre-sale abroad, mounted the maximum power 225kW engine, peak torque is 605N.m. It is understood that the car will meet us in July. Are you expected?

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