On March 25, the SAIC Volkswagen ID.4 X was listed. There are 6 configurations in the new car, and the subsidies are priced at 19.9888-27.2888 million.

This is an electric car that is highly concerned about, because it is the first model of the mass MEB platform in China, and the first pure electric platform model of SAIC.

ID.4x is sent to a hopes. It will represent the SAIC Volkswagen and the Volkswagen, in the Middle-Duty Electric Auto Market, with Tesla Model 3, Xiaopeng P7, BYD Han, Tesla Model Y, and even aware of the market.

What strengths are there for the Id.4x?

With this problem, March 27th and 28th, we came to the SAIC Volkswagen at the ID Fan Festival at the Shanghai Bund International Eerciors, and made a field visit.

We have visited 15 viewers at the event site, please talk about the experience of the ID.4X. Among them, 14 respondents opened by Volkswagen, Tuon, Tiguan and other Volkswagen, and 1 opened is the Audi Q7 fuel car.

Overall, this is a “subversive” very “public” Volkswagen car, plus the public’s brand advantage, this car should have a good market performance. Among the people who have been accepted, there are three already explicitly express their recent orders.

I will evaluate my ID.4x, summarized as follows:

1. The appearance and interior design style change, no longer the baby.

2, the public is getting more and more young.

3, good workmanship, good quality.

4, the pure electric platform and the battery degree are also praised.

5, the direct mode is very good.

In addition, some owners have given a few questions:

1, brake soft.

2, the driver is unstable.

3, speech control is not intelligent enough.

4, the shape of the inner ornament is not bold enough.

5, the promotion is not enough.

Please see it in detail.


ID.4x is very no “Volkswagen” 6 reasons

First, the appearance shape is different from the previous Volkswagen model.

“Id.4x is not a baby, there is no kind of old gas, it has a constant feeling, the appearance is very attractive.” Mr. Electric Car Hobby A said.

Another sales manager of the SAIC Volkswagen 4S shop also evaluated, he said that he did the sales of the Shangqi Volkswagen brand model, ID.4x subverted the model design of SAIC’s previous model, which looks better, younger.

It is understood that id.4x is a car that has been retrofled on the basis of overseas ID.4 models. SAIC’s public has made some small changes on the original appearance. For example, the front face and tail lines of ID.4x are more round, the front headlights are dragged out, and chrome decorative strips are added to the bottom side of the door and the outer bottom guard.

And the biggest highlight of this car, also a lighting design.

According to the official statement, ID.4x uses the “optical rhythm” design language. The lateral light strip of the car is connected to the Volkswagen flat luminous LOGO, and is connected to both side IQ. Light matrix headlights, and the unique lighting effect will be created when driving at night.

There is also a wake-up, and the passage of the car will give the vehicle “Outdoors” and “waiting for you return” skills, close the distance from the car.

The test drive coach in the event introduced this part of the function. He said, “When you drive home at night, after parking, this light will not go out immediately, it will be like a child like a child, and you will slowly close your eyes after you leave. “Moreover, when blinking, the light core in the light light will turn up and down, make a significant” blinking “effect.

Second, the interior style has changed.

Many people mentioned that the id.4x seat is soft, sitting very comfortable, looking very texture. The model before the public, whether it is an oil car or a tram, the seat is relatively hard.

It is also mentioned that the Tuon rid also mentioned that the id.4x driver is not like the popular model in the past, it looks better, and it is very smooth.

Third, the Volkswagen is getting more and more young.

This is not only reflected in the design of the model, but also in terms of marketing.

On this Fan Festival, SAIC has set up a “king glory” interactive link, as well as the current popular “blind box” activity. This is a young man who likes to entertain, attracts a lot of 90 consumers. One of the 90s said that this practice of SAIC is very new. He first knew that there were car companies to do this, and he had recommended your friends to see this car.

At the previous listing meeting, the SAIC also invited the Mandarin band, the biggest member of this band was born in 1990, the smallest birth in 1998.

I believe that many of our readers don’t know who this is? But if you are 90, how much is it. Because of their viewers, young people who are similar to their age, and even smaller.

Fourth, the work is excellent, the quality of the car is good.

In the interview, there are a number of praise to the public’s product quality.

There is a software engineer Cheyou said, “You see the id.4x car, whether it is the appearance work, or the interior workmanship, it is very good, there is nothing.”

He trusts the quality of the public, but not only the traditional domestic cars such as BYD, but also transcends the new forces such as Tesla.

Mr. C, another preparing to buy a tram, also said that he valued the quality of the public. Traditional car companies such as the public have more than 80 years of experience, which is the new force of the car can’t achieve a short time, which is also the main reason for the id.4x attracting him. Fifth, the pure electric platform and the battery degree are also praised.

ID.4x from the mass MEB pure electric platform is the first mass production model in China. The maximum advantage of pure places is space and battery.

Therefore, even if ID.4x is positioned, the axial distance of 2765cm, almost the level of the B-class car, and there is a lot of space in the car.

Id.4x carrying 83.4 degree electric batteries, the official battery is 555 km. However, due to the characteristics of the power battery itself, and the difference in the actual driving environment and the experimental environment, all electric vehicles do not meet the official declaration.

In this regard, the tram old driver will not easily believe in the battery life, but see the battery size. Here we quote “I have opened more than 20 electric vehicles, gave up Modely, blind, FAW Volkswagen ID.4”, this article is a simple analysis.

The average power consumption of this type of car is approximately 20 to 25 degrees in the case of cost in winter. Even if 25 degrees, this car can also run at least 333 kilometers. If it is in summer, it may take 15 degrees, and this car can run 556 kilometers.

Finally, the direct mode is very good.

Before Tesla appeared, the sales model of the automotive industry has always been a 4S shop dealer model. Today, with the gradual growth of the new energy car market, the new forces bring fresh blood in this market, “direct mode” seems to have become the necessary roads for traditional car companies to do new energy.

The Safety R car before id.4x, FAW Volkswagen ID.4crozz, Beiqi New Energy’s polar fox car, etc., the traditional 4S shop, ID.4x is no exception.

However, it is slightly different from the direct camp of the new forces car. The public is called “age system” internally. Some direct stores in new forces car companies are their own, and there is no “agent” relationship.

In the first two days, Yang Yao, executor, Executive Director of SAIC Volkswagen Brand Marketing, said in the media interview: “We own more than 1,000 dealers’ network coverage, from which 252 dealers have signed newly signed Agent contract. “These most important tasks of these selected dealers are to do a good job, they do not need to purchase vehicles directly from the SAIC.

In the first two days, the sales of the SAIC Volkswagen 4S shop mentioned above told me that “” In the second half of this year, you will find that there will be many public exhibition halls. “

Since then, buy a car no longer need to talk to the 4S shop. On the one hand, users can obtain a lot of information such as brand information, vehicle ordering, online loans, vehicle services through the online platform ID.hub; on the other hand, directly through the official mall , Official WeChat, SAIC Volkswagen Super APP, etc. Completed vehicle configuration selection and order.

The biggest benefit of this mode is the national unified price.

“Buy a car is not enough for three, no need to give more discounts than anyone. It is better than that, who is good, and the car itself is nothing.”

“The public also followed the pace of new forces.”


Consumers question 5 points for ID.4x

While harvesting, there are also users to question ID.4X:

1, brake soft.

There is a test drive owner found that this car brakes a bit soft. “After you step on the brake, it feels very empty, which makes people feel that the brakes are not very confident, completely unlike the previous Volkswagen, the previous brakes are very linear.”

2, the driver is unstable.

With the car owner mentioned that during the test drive, the driver often crasted, especially after opening the navigation, the dead machine has been a few times. “I don’t know if it is related to this car without networking. It is reasonable that this test drive should be connected.”

3, voice control is not very intelligent.

Some instructions, it can be identified, but they don’t respond, the first-level menu can be identified, and it will not work. For example, let it open multimedia it, but let it open some items inside the multimedia.

However, the owner said that this can also be understood that voice control is actually the advantage of new forces, and the public is conserved in this regard.

4, and riders hope that Id.4x’s appearance interior can also be bold. Although there are already a lot of bright eyes, it has not yet reached a stunning level.

A car owner referred to his first time to see Xiaopeng P7 feel. He said that when he saw it first, he felt very stunned, his eyes were inseparable, and he would want to see more.

“Tesla is also, give you a particularly amazing feel, but this car will not.”

5, the Volkswagen’s propaganda has too little propaganda.

I heard a lot of such sounds. For example, the owner of this Touran said, “Id.4x’s advertisement is too small, it is not as good as Xiaopeng P7, I have barely saw it advertise, I don’t know about new energy, I don’t know if I don’t pay attention to new energy. This car. “

They hope that Id.4x’s advertisements can be more, “Such a good car should let more people know!”

Can this SAIC’s power to sell? You can leave your thoughts in the comment area.

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