Regardless of the Mercedes-Benz admit, EQC is just a test water in China’s new energy car market, whether it is design or configured, or 415km battery life, it is impossible to hook with Mercedes-Benz’s “luxury”.

In fact, the first pure electric vehicle in the Mercedes-Benz truly, should be on April 15th, will be the world’s starting EQS.

Mercedes-Benz EQS is based on the Mercedes-Benz EVA pure electric platform, as the first model of the platform, is also a Mercedes flagship electric sedan. Gas production Mercedes-Benz EQS although there is no concept car to take advantage, it is still high.

According to the latest road test spy photos, Mercedes-Benz EQS uses coupe design, low C-column and short train tail, plus extremely smooth roof lines, which is quite a dive gesture. Also, the new car will also use hidden door handles and boundless frame design.

According to the manufacturer, EQS has excellent aerodynamics, and its wind resistance breaks the record of the existing mass production model, which can achieve the amazing 0.20, and Tesla’s new Model S is 0.208, Audi E-Tron The wind resistance coefficient of GT is only 0.24.

It is worth noting that the Mercedes-Benz Design Leader Steffen Koehl revealed that the Mercedes-Benz EQC’s hood is designed to keep the owner close, without any mechanism allows the user to open the hood, only in the maintenance period to open with special tools .

At present, the Mercedes-Benz official officially announced its interior official map, as a new flagship car of the EQ family, Mercedes-Benz EQS adopted a new family design layout, and the coupe gesture is rich in futurism.

New cars will provide two style in the traditional longitudinal layout and the landscape layout of the Mbux Hyperscreen system. Among them, traditional vertical layouts have a higher similarity with the new Mercedes-Benz S-Benz S-Class, or they have not changed.

The two large-scale screen seamless joints that extends the MBUX HyperScreen system from the driving position to the co-pilot seamless, the size of the surface, the size reaches 56 inches, with the scientific concept of science, and a sense of technology.

In addition, in this large screen, Mercedes-Benz has designed “zero-level operation”, some of the most common functions will float the top of the screen, and the entire system is data analysis capabilities and learning capabilities.

Mercedes-Benz officially raised two examples: For example, when the system detects that the user’s long-distance driving is fatigue, then it will automatically open the massage function; Then it will remember this choice. When you pass, you will pop up the prompt, ask the user’s opinion, whether you repeat the last mode.

On March 31, Mercedes-Benz announced the EQS life mileage, and the endurance mileage was 770 kilometers under WLTP operating conditions. Compared to previous Mercedes-Benz-loaded 108-ortened 108-degree batteries, it has increased by 10% of the battery life.

The author does not think this is an increase in battery capacity. It is a very troublesome thing to change the battery capacity in a predal number. The biggest possibility is that Mercedes-Benz optimizes the EQS three-power system. However, the WLTC operating capacity is more than 700km, which is indeed very considerable.

In addition, Mercedes-Benz EQS also has “black technology” in terms of charging technology. It can automatically implement information interaction with the charging station during charging, which allows the vehicle to automatically handle the bill of charging, thereby simplifying the charging process to achieve “plug and play” state.

However, this technology is only in Europe’s Ionity Fast Charging Station and the US “Specific Charge Station” to achieve, future or will cover other markets. According to Mercedes-Benz, 500,000 AC and DC charging stations will be constructed in the world, allowing customers to experience more convenient experience to “plug and play”.

From various aspects, Mercedes-Benz EQS is more sincere than EQC, perhaps EQS can represent the true technical level of Mercedes.

Of course, it is conceivable that the price of EQS will be very high. After all, what is the Mercedes-Benz model with “s”?

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