Recently, BYD picked up new speeds quickly, and launched a lot of models that made people. This is not, just launched the BYD Song Plus DM-I before, and on April 7th, the BYD Song Plus EV is launched, and this car is still looking forward to for a long time. So what is it? Let’s take a look.

Let’s first see the Song Plus EV its design is it for the public’s appetite? The first is its front face, is the front face not with BYD Han EV? Because it is the latest “Dragon Face 3.0” BYD face, the overall shape belongs to the type of round and heavy, which looks very heavy. The closed intake grill is designed with a silver-plated chrome strip, connecting both sides of the shaped sharp headlights, there is also a Chinese character “Song” logo, which is said to be inspired by this silver-chrome strip from the dragon must, is also very Dominer. The bottom of the black trapezoid is surrounded by the overall weight. It is also decorated with a silver trim, and the overall harmony is harmonious.

The overall feeling of the side is still a comparative movement, which is still very conspicuous than the waistline that extends from the headlights from the headlights, and the front face has no special obvious line, this line makes the whole body whole A lot of round a feeling, the overall shape of the line is still aesthetically beautiful, and it is also a smooth and comfortable design. The shape of the hub is very chic, and the wheel is still slightly smarted relative to the body, and the whole is less domineering.

The Song Plus EV is also in the design of the tail. It is a relatively heavy feeling. The design of the taillights is relatively elongated. It is also a silver trim strip to increase the texture. The large area of ​​the bottom is silver under the black, which has increased the rich level of the tail design. The overall value is still online, and it is also perfectly hit the “Dragon Face” with the design of its own shape and detail.

The overall design of the interior is more simple, but it is very powerful, and the overall color match is very deep. There is a surface with the front face “Dragon” to each other through the console, nowhere to show yourself The domineering of “Dragon”, piano paint is added to increase the texture of the interior, 12.8-inch rotatable central control screen shows its full technology.

In terms of power, the Song Plus EV equipped with the ferrous phosphate blade battery is a maximum power 184 horsepower permanent magnet synchronous motor. The NEDC’s life has reached 505 kilometers. This life will not say that you usually have everyday commuters in the city. General holiday long distances do not have to travel anxiety.

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