During the automatic driving of the highway scene, it is further.

On March 26, Xiaopeng has successfully completed the NGP expedition in Guangzhou to Beijing, and the whole process exceeded 3,000 kilometers, and the average number per 100 kilometers was <1.

NGP, namely Navigation Guided Pilot Automatic Navigation Auxiliary Driving, after setting a good destination, the vehicle can drive to the destination according to the navigation route.

This feature is currently only used on high-level roads such as closed highways.

Tesra and the Akilaa also provide similar to Xiaopeng NGP, navigation-based auxiliary driving feature. Tesla has released a rhetoric to complete the US NOA automatic driving journey in New York to Los Angeles.

But unfortunately, Tesla did not honor so much.

Xiaopeng took the lead in achieving 3,000 kilometers NGP expedition, in the mass production vehicle, in a leading position.

So what is the level of Xiaopeng NGP to the driving level of the human driver?

With this problem, March 29th, “Electric Car Observer” experienced Xiaopeng NGP function in Beijing.

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Extremely excellent

Xiaopeng NGP has the ability to enter and exit ramps, it is close to the human novice driver level.

This time, the NGP experience trip, starting from the Wyndham hotel next to the Beijing-Tibet Expressway, the Beijing-Tibet Expressway, North Sixth Ring to Jingcheng Expressway, fold back at the rapids of the high-speed high-speed expressway in Beijing, the original road return to Wyndham Hotel .

In the process of the test drive, it is necessary to route Beijing-Tibet Expressway – North Six Ring, North Sixth Ring – Jing Cheng Expressway, and Jing Cheng Expressway – Airport North Line High Speed ​​Bidirection 6

Electric travel

Xiaopeng NGP drove out of the ramp, the lane retention, the speed of speed control, the dangerous road segment reminds obvious

Video number

In terms of running out of the ramp, Xiaopeng NGP performance is good.

During the implementation of the ramp operation, Xiaopeng NGP will start to the outside in parallel 2 kilometers in advance, and prepare to enter the ramp.

During a parallel process, Xiaopeng NGP can perform a parallel in an acceleration or deceleration according to the actual situation. Compared to other manufacturers, similar functions, it is more efficient to avoid the outer lane vehicles until the logic of the passing of the car is higher than that of the logic.

In the ramp, in this experience, in addition to the NGP, the remaining 6 ramps are taken out from the other.

In the ramp, Xiaopeng NGP controls the vehicle speed at 60km / h, but the driver can set the highest speed rate, and the NGP will travel according to the set speed.

For the case of the ramp in the hinge or ramp, Xiaopeng NGP can pass smoothly, and in a dangerous location, such as lanes, pass the sound and screen, and alert the driver to take over the vehicle.

Compared to other manufacturers’ pilot auxiliary driving skills, Xiaopeng NGP drove into the ramp function, and is more suitable for the actual road conditions of China Expressway.

First, Xiaopeng NGP began to go late in the outside, and the parallel process is more smooth.

Second, Xiaopeng NGP has a good capacity in the ramp in the ramp, and the lane is maintained.

The third is that Xiaopeng NGP has a strong reminder for the road sections of the accident in the ramp, route merger, etc., the safety is higher.


Over-car performance simply

Xiaopeng NGP’s high-speed overtaking ability, reaching the driver level of the internship period.

Before introducing Xiaopeng NGP overtaking power, you must first clarify the driving logic of NGP on the high speed.

When driving at high speeds of three lanes, Xiaopeng NGP prioritizes the middle lane driving, overtaking from the left. If the vehicle has been in the inner side lane, you can take a maximum from the right lane (intermediate lane).

If you travel at high speeds of the two lanes, you will take priority to travel by the inner lane.

Whether driving on a few cars, Xiaopeng NGP does not choose to overtake from the rightmost lane. However, the driver can control from the rightmost lane by steering chart.

In this experience, we conducted a super-car experience at the three lanes and two lanes.

Electric travel

Xiaopeng NGP overtakes at the three-lane high-speed overtaking, the left and right double-to-turn, the ability is super

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Xiaopeng NGP travels in the three-lane, and will return to the middle lane after the overtaking is completed. However, in the actual driving, NGP is not blindly overtaking. In the execution of the overtaking process, the route is calculated in real time according to the front vehicle situation, the side lane line.

In the above three lane overtaking video, Xiaopeng NGP entered the inner lane to transcend slow car from the middle turnover, but after the change line was slow, it was necessary to return to the middle lane, and there is a vehicle in the right back. In this case, Xiaopeng NGP slowly followed the front bus until it reached the appropriate variable line condition, and returned to the middle lane in the middle lane to the right side.

During the entire overtaking process, there is no swing in the lane, and the more abrupt paralletics occurred.

Internships human drivers, often exist as follows: It is more hesitant to overspeaking, and the vehicle swings around the lane, and the turn is over the car and turn slow down, turning to abrupt, accelerated.

The following two cars are over-the-car video, and the NGP will still be able to respond to the sudden situation even when overtaking. Electric travel

Xiaopeng NGP overtakes in the high speed of the two lanes, overtaking moves Shu Chang # 小鹏 汽车

Video number

After Xiaopeng NGP exceeded the front slow car from the left side, the front vehicles suddenly entered the lane and affect the normal driving of Xiaopeng NGP.

At this time, Xiaopeng NGP made a correct judgment based on the road conditions.

This burst is not easy to handle for the driver of the internship period. The front car suddenly changed to plug, if vigilant, there is a danger of rearking the rear car.

From the treatment of Xiaopeng NGP, it is relatively smooth, there is no situation in which sudden brakes

From two overtaking video, Xiaopeng NGP high-speed road overtaking ability, reaching the human driver level of the internship period, is a more appropriate evaluation.


Automatic driving requires a Chinese standard

There are only three cars that have already issued a secondary auxiliary driving function, including Xiaopeng NGP, Tesla NOA, and Meta.

Standing at the consumer perspective, the pilot auxiliary driving skills although it belongs to an important selling point, in terms of network public opinion and consumer cognition, pilot auxiliary driving is often confused with automatic driving, and there is a pole differentiation in the consumer word of automatic driving or auxiliary driving. phenomenon.

For consumers who are passionate about fresh technology, the automatic driving functions including pilot auxiliary driving are the liberation of the mortar weapons.

For consumers who pursue safety, automatic driving is a black swan that maybeken at any time.

Even in the automotive industry, there is still differences for automatic driving evaluation criteria. A full visual automatic driving solution represented by Tesra has taken many accidents, but the accident conclusions have no news.

Due to Tesla’s hot, smart electric vehicles, especially smart cars involving automatic driving functions, is concerned by consumers. Among the spread of many network video, some of the auxiliary driving basic functions, such as AEB emergency brakes, etc., is popular by public opinion, regarded as high-tech function.

Representing the overall level of individual cases is not normal, but it is reality.

This reality or is related to the lack of automatic driving evaluation standards in the industry. No standard, naturally only look at the whole one by one.

A auxiliary driving function because a certain paragraph is swearing. Alternatively, a model is out of control, leading to the inspection of public opinion.

This is happening.

In this Xiaopeng NGP, Guangzhou – Beijing 3,000 km in the foreigner, Xiaopeng Motor proposes a lead auxiliary driving evaluation criteria, worthy of attention.

For pilot auxiliary functions, Xiaopeng has proposed in the cumulative mileage, the average number of hundred kilometers, the change of the transition, the success rate of entering the ramp, the tunnel passes the success rate, the number of nights, the number of times the tunnel and the transfer The success rate is the evaluation criteria.

Xiaopeng Automobile proposed standards are the criteria for the results-oriented evaluation, but behind the standard is a comprehensive test of technology.

The average number of times averages 100 kilometers, directly reflecting the comprehensive ability of pilot auxiliary driving function, involving overtaking, entering and exiting ramp, toll stations, etc., the less artificial tube, the more reliable technical capabilities.

In this case, it is divided into a variable tag over-vehicle ability, and entering the ramp capacity, and the most common highway driving scene.

The tunnel passes the success rate, it is an evaluation criterion of China. In the 9.6 million square kilometers of Guangxi, the terrain is divided into low-middle and high levels from east, and there is a long continuous tunnel group above many highways.

There is no GPS signal in the tunnel, how to correctly navigate is still a tricky problem facing car companies. Therefore, the tunnel through the success rate is the automatic driving function of the pilot auxiliary class, and the subject must face.

At the perspective of consumers, the evaluation criteria made by Xiaopeng Automobile is a simple and practical standard.

For automatic driving functions, whether industry, public opinion or consumers are more fresh things, in the development process, in the process of development, will naturally subsidize.

However, in this process, the car enterprise should bear more responsibility. Can not be given a single function to consume higher level of consumption expectations, the foot-on-ground development, and propose standards for consumer reference, in order to drive development process In the middle, walking is more stable and longer.


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