Beijing Time March 31, 2021, headquartered in the US Global Shared Intelligent Travel Ecosystem, California, Faraday Future (hereinafter referred to as “FF”) announced in the with Property Solutions Acquisition Corp (hereinafter referred to as “PSAC”) (NASDAQ) After the transaction code: PSAC) After the completion of the transaction, the new nine board members will be appointed.

The new board will consist of experts including technology, automotive, financial, government and supervision, transportation and energy and energy. Members of the Board include FF Global CEO CARSTEN Breitfeld, current FF Board members Brian Krolicki, Matthias Aydt, Christine Harada, Lee Liu (Liu Hui), Sue Swenson, Jordan Vogel, Scott Vogel and Bob Ye (Ye Qing).

The board members have deep qualifications in business affairs and public domains, will help FF to achieve the promise of cutting-edge products and technology in the market. The inside and outside perspective of the board member, innovation concept and rich industry accumulation and knowledge will help FF achieve mission and strategic goals.

“We are honored to join us for these diversified industry leaders to join us in this critical time node of FF,” said FF Global Chief Executive. “Our new board members will provide valuable experience and leaders for FF and help guide the Operational preparation and construction work released by FF 91.”

On March 26th, FF announced that it has been raised from nearly $ 100 million creditor finance, which is also involved in this round of financing by an existing loan parties such as Ares leader, Birch Lake. Birch Lake is still a mortgage agent for major credit purchases and guarantee financing mechanisms.

At present, the FF 91 pre-mass car is under the final stage of product testing, and the test content includes power assembly, battery life, and performance performance under various types of climatic conditions. At the same time, the I.a.i system of FF 91 is also conducting comprehensive iterations and upgrade tests.

More importantly, in the support of many partners, FF China has landed smoothly. Recently, FF announced that the new Johnson’s FF China CEO Chen Xuefeng will fully lead the FF China business, and further consolidate FF unique China-US double home advantage.

Ff Recently announced the merger trading plan with PSAC. The transaction is expected to be completed in the second quarter of 2021. After the transaction is completed, the FF stock will begin to trade in NASDAQ, the stock code is “ffie”. The I represents intelligent and Internet, E represents ecosystem and electric cars, indicating that FF is not only a tram company, but also a Internet high-tech AI product company, software company and user ecology the company. The transaction verifies the founding vision of the FF to create a travel ecosystem based on technology and product innovation. FF ‘s flagship electric model FF 91 plans to be launched within 12 months after the completion of the combination.

As the only next-generation intelligent Internet tram products, FF 91 integrates ultimate technology, ultimate user experience and complete ecological product concept, bringing users a unique intelligent Internet electric vehicle travel experience. FF 91 has industry-leading 1050 horsepower, 130 kilowatt battery packs of immersion liquid cooling technology, with a hundred kilometers to accelerate only less than 2.4 seconds, and unique back smart Internet system, high-speed Internet connection through super Mobile AP It has the largest 60 degrees zero gravity seat in the industry and provides a revolutionary user experience, aims to create mobile, interconnected, intelligent, luxurious third Internet life space and user travel ecosystem platform.

Attached: FF Global Board of Directors

Matthias AYDT – Matthias AYDT is currently responsible for FF product definitions and business development teams. Before joining FF, he had worked in China and Germany and OEM suppliers for many years, leading project management and vehicle engineering team. More than 15 registration patents under the Matthias name.

Dr. Carsten Breitfeld – Dr. Bifukang is a global executive of FF, and is also a world-renowned electric travel industry expert. He has a Ph.D. in mechanical engineering. Before joining FF in September 2019, he was the joint founder of the electric car startup company, and as chairman and CEO. Prior to this, Dr. Biukang was 20 years of BMW, served as Vice President of BMW Group and the head of the I8 project, and I8 projects have born the I8 luxury plug-in mixing model of the pattern. Christine Harada – Christine Harada has more than 25 years of leadership experience in government management consulting agencies. Currently, Christine is a partner of Ridge-Lane Limited Partners. She also serves as a separate directors of Rekor Solutions (NASDAQ trading code: Rekr) and is a board member of Millennium Institute and U.S. Green Building Council of Los Angeles. HARADA has served as President of I (X) Investments, which is a key area of ‚Äč‚Äčinvestment holding companies that invest in human needs, including renewable energy. She has been appointed as a Federal Chief Sustainable Officer during President Obama. Prior to this, Christine served as a head of the US General Administration, as a deputy director, government policy and chief purchaser. In addition, Christine has also have ten years of management consulting work experience in Boston Consulting Group and Booz Allen Hamilton.

Brian Krolicki – Brian Krolicki is a senior person in the private banking industry and an expert in municipal finance. His career begins in Wall Street, worked in Smith Barney and Bankers Trust Company. In his career of the public service field, Brain has won the elections of the departure of the departure of the departure of the vicinity of the vice minister and state finance minister in Nevada. During the Finance Minister of Inner Huada, Brian was elected as Chairman of the US Finance Ministerial Association (NAST) and established NAST Management Committee. He served as Chairman of the NAST Foundation, which promotes financial knowledge and education in the United States. Brian is currently an independent directors of the FF Board, also of Vislink Technologies, Inc. and Nevada Nanotech Systems board members.

Lee Liu (Liu Hui) – Liu Hui is an experienced technology and Internet industry executives and a human resources expert. Currently, Liu Hui serves as the founder and CEO of King Maker Company (KMC), as well as the Chairman of the National Association of Human Resources – China Intelligent Management Association (CIMA). Before forming KMC and CIMA, he served as the senior vice president of Baidu Company Human Resources and Board of Directors of Baidu Cloud Business. Before joining Baidu, Liu Hui has served as many cross-regions, cross-state management positions in Motorola, including the Vice President of Global Human Resources.

Sue Swenson – Sue Swenson brings a rich experience of leading the Global Technology Company, and her leadership includes Pactel Cellular, T-Mobile, Leap Wireless, Sage Software, ANTRINSIC, Inc., Amp’d Mobile, Inc. and Cellular One, etc. Her public board experience includes Vislink Technologies, Inc., Harmonic, Inc., Sonim Technologies, Wells Fargo, INSEEGO CORP., etc. She is the former Chairman and member of the Ministry of Commerce First Responder Network Authority, which covers all 56 states, regions and federations in the United States.

Jordan Vogel – Jordan Vogel has been actively active in real estate investment and management in New York since 2001. As a joint founder and management member of Benchmark Real Estate Group, LLC, Jordan is responsible for all acquisitions since its establishment in 2009. Before creating Benchmark, he worked in SG2 Properties, LLC, responsible for managing the company’s acquisition group. Prior to joining SG2, Jordan worked in William Moses Co., Inc., which owns and managed the luxury apartment assets located in Manhattan, and he is responsible for the daily operation of asset management and company investment. Jordan is the chairman and co-CEO of Property Solutions Acquisition Corp. and Property Solutions Acquisition Corp. II. Scott Vogel – Scott Vogel is a managed member of Vogel Partners, LLC, a private investment and consulting firm. Prior to establishing your company, Scott served as Davidson Kempner Capital Management 14 years of directors. He also served in the MPF Investors and the Investment Bank of Inc. in the MPF Investors. In the career of Scott, he worked at multiple public boards.

Bob Ye (Ye Qing) – Ye Qing is currently responsible for the business development and capital related work in FF Asia and China. Prior to joining FF, Ye Qing had more than 12 years of product management experience in the consumer electronics industry, as well as global management experience in Europe, the United States and China. He has served as the president of LeTV North America, and Huawei, European regional person. Ye Qing is also a member of the FF for the board.

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