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Introduction: The popularity of new energy vehicles, in addition to the concept of consumer market needs to be changed, the supporting facilities headed by the charging pile also have to keep up.

If you are a citizen living in the restricted city, the recent luck is shaking to the new energy indicator, then what should I find out before the official decision?

“It is convenient to charge your car”. This looks like a problem that people are not ridiculous. In fact, there are potential users of most new energy vehicles.

Feel free to visit a few electric car forums, big probability can find a few users who don’t let the posts that install charging piles, there are more exciting before bought a car, and I don’t know how difficult it can’t be installed.

A more deeper, the problem of difficult-in-charging piles comes from two aspects, on the one hand, the community property, due to the accident of electric vehicles, the self-ignition of the electric car is not uncommon, causing the community property to undertake such a large security hazard; on the other hand is too much from the community Old, there is no fixed parking space, the capacitance is not enough, the cable is not pre-installed, which hinders the popularity of private charging piles.

Since private charging piles are difficult, can you use your eyes to the public charging pile?

According to the data of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, due to last year, China’s new energy vehicle has been close to 5 million, and the data of various charging piles is around 1.45 million. In other words, the proportion of the current car is about 3.5: 1, if excluded This comparable column will further increase in the maintenance improper.

Moreover, it is also a problem with the cost of using public charging piles. Taking Chongqing as an example, the use of special caller APP queries can be found: charging cost 1.2 yuan per degree, add 3 yuan hourly parking fee, and family self-built charging pile The degree is also about 0.5 yuan, and the parking fee is not required.

It can be seen that the problem of charging is difficult, and the new energy owner is plagued at the moment, and it has also seriously affected the desire of potential consumers.

It is well known that the essence of endurance anxiety is actually an anxiety. Although new energy vehicles in recent years have developed rapidly, the popularity of compartment facilities such as charging piles is far behind the former. When the most basic complement is not satisfied, life is willing to exist, and it will affect the promotion of new energy models.

Although the central energy vehicle charging pile column last year in order to new infrastructure projects, there is still many problems to be resolved.

First of all, it is compatible, and all new energy car companies are in the problem of layout charging piles. They insist on being polite. For example, Tesla’s super fast charge has a strong row, which is undoubted about the large area of ​​charging piles. Very unfavorable.

Second, the problem of regional utilization, China Electric Motors will release the research report “How to develop” China’s charging service market “mentioned that in 2018, the national public charging facilities utilization rate is less than 10%, and the utilization rate of charging pile is low. The outstanding problems of the development of the charging industry, including the non-charging piles available in developed regions, while the charge piles in remote areas have a large area.

Third, the efficiency problem of a single charging pile, currently the general cognition of the industry is that a single charging pile is charged more than 7 times, in order to achieve a balance, and the online report shows that most of the country’s charging pile is not To this request.

Only after the above problems are solved, the promotion of new energy vehicles can be more smooth.

Write in the last:

In my country’s promotion of new energy vehicles for more than ten years, the charging pile industry in the industry chain has experienced the disorderly development of the “Running Radio”. Now, with the new energy automotive industry, it is gradually grown, and the charging pile of supporting facilities Naturally, “unified pace” also needs to achieve high quality high-quality development of the entire new energy vehicle industry chain.

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