Hongguang Mini EV single month sales easily 15,000 +, Changan Benben E-Star National Edition listing sales 7000+, sales certificate: Even if a parking space can stop, there is no airbag, continuity less than 200km miniature pure Electric cars, the market has considerable demand.

Therefore, in the past, many car companies did not want to enter the market, and they became a fragrant, even the joint venture “old big brother” public capital.

Recently, Siyu E10X is officially listed, priced at 39,900 yuan -7.59 million yuan, a total of 150km, 200km and 302km three endurance seven configurations, new cars position A00-level pure tram type, become another 30,000-zone domestic pure electric Model.

From the end of the life, Hong Kong Mini EV and Changan Ben E-Star National Edition is the main competitor of Siyu E10X, but simply from the price, Si Wei E10x starts significantly higher than competitors.

You must know that consumers who spend two million yuan to buy a car, the payment of the price is very high, then what is the advantage of thinking E10X?

The biggest advantage of Siyu E10X is the mass descent, there is a German public to make a back book.

The design is created by the Italian Turin Design Center, covering European designers thinking about “aesthetics”, “technology” and “lifestyle”, design inspiration comes from the German design industrial father Date Rams Design guidelines, inherited the Baohaus design concept of the European classic car, the simple lines outline the profile of the light, which appeared very young.

At the same time, Siyi is the brand of Jianghuai mass joint ventures. Since its establishment, Jianghuai Volkswagen included Jianghuai Automobile to fully introduce German VDA6.3 quality management system, the new production line brings better quality, every production process It reflects the level of “manufacturing” in Germany, and the Siyu E10X has a German quality in the case of the public.

From the size of the body, Siyu E10X with German line has learned the “large-scale” competition in China’s brand has always used.

The five-seat version of the E10X long-width height is 3650/1670 / 1540mm, and the wheelbase is 2390mm. In addition to the high degree of macro MINI EV, it is necessary to have a large lap. If it is four models, the rear space is more considerable.

In addition, it is not because of the character of Germany, there is a higher price than the same level, and Si Wei E10X is more abundant than the same level.

For example, it is equipped with a smart voice system, electronic patch, carlife smartphone interconnection system, reversing image, trajectory follow-up, ramp assist, pedestrian warning system VSP and other functions; mobile phone APP can achieve remote switch air conditioning, open door lock, positioning Check, one machine in hand, easy to master.

As a mini-pure electric, Siyu E10X is obviously prepared, but there is no competition in 30,000 yuan, but a wider price range, and more wonderful costs to design models, expand The coverage of miniature pure electric vehicles.

Have to say, Siyu E10X’s knife method is very accurate.

Throughout the new energy vehicle market, 2020 new cars have the case of “two big, middle”, Tesla, essential models competition in high-end markets, Hongguang MINI EV, Chang’an Benben E-Star, Euler, etc. The model is competitive in the low-end market price.

Volkswagen Group is very wonderful in China’s new energy auto market, the ID series is more than 200,000 high-end markets, and the Siyu series will play more than 80,000 low-end markets. In the next few years, Si Wei will also launch a variety of new energy The model makes up for the shortage of the entire market.

In this way, Si Wei will be a heavy player in the future of the Volkswagen Group in Huaxin Energy. As a “rim”, the Siyu E10X naturally spent hard.

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