Electric vehicles have developed to today, there are many brands who have never involved in the automotive industry, which is successful in this field, such as Tesla, Wei, Xiaopeng, Ideal, etc., most of them are not rich. Inspection of car, but the launch model is quite good, and it has won a good reputation in the design or mechanical quality. Seeing the car market is so hot, many cash flows are in a large exhibition, Apple, Evergrande, Alibaba, etc. in this field, I have to join the car circle, I hope to win a market.

As one of the Internet big plants, Xiaomi’s brand has always had strong social attention since the birth. Whether it is millet launched product or a small Millet Chairman Lei Jun, there is a very high topic discussion on the Internet. Xiaomi wants to make a car, it is no longer a news, no matter how the official is rumored, some people have vowed to show that the car has been mentioned above the schedule.

As yesterday, Xiaomi Group was highly announced at the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. After approval by the company’s board of directors, Xiaomi will officially participate in the intelligent electric vehicle field. A wholly-owned subsidiary is planned to be established, which is responsible for the development of intelligent electric vehicles. Not only have special companies, Xiaomi Group is also ambulance of the car, the first investment is up to 10 billion yuan, and the investment in the next decade is more than 10 billion US dollars. Such high investment paragraphs, can see how much millet has been determined in the field of the car.

In fact, the technology of the technology is not a news, people are interested in cooperating with which of these big plants will cooperate with the old models of automobiles. After all, the automotive industry has been developed for a hundred years, and the singular singles alone is obviously unscientific. Therefore, cooperation with the technical mature old factory has become the only way for many technologies.

About Xiaomi Group, there was a news that it would cooperate with the domestic auto giant Great Wall Motor, but the two sides have already rumored when public opinion has not yet fermented. However, according to the early first millet, it will be seen in the automotive field, and there is a lot of authenticity of the rumor to be certified. If you really want to go through the history of the automotive industry for a hundred years of development, Xiaobian’s personal opinion is not kind. If you can cooperate with a technology mature, there is a brand-based brand, so for these technologies The big factory is the best way out.

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