Today (March 30) 4 o’clock in the afternoon, Xiaomi Group issued an announcement at the Hong Kong Stock Exchange and announced that Xiaomi smart car business officially established.

Key information three:

1. Do a smart electric car business, will set up a wholly-owned subsidiary;

2. The Lei Jun will serve as the CEO of the business.

3. The first phase invests 10 billion yuan in RMB and invests 10 billion US dollars in the next decade.

At an hour ago, the Lei Jun disclosed the Xiaomi to make more information on the new millet spring new product conference, and why Xiaomi wants to make a car?

He used a whole 35 minutes to talk about why you want to make a car, why is Xiaomi dare to make a car? Passionate, it will become a classic.

The golden sentence is as follows:

“Today, Xiaomi has a little accumulation. It is worthy of our unclear. What we have, we have money, 108 billion cash, more than 10,000 people’s R & D team, there is a mobile phone business in the world, and the world The best intelligent ecology, telling the truth, and we have lost. “

“Ten8 billion, we have such a cash reserve. We don’t care about the support of the global rice noodles to Xiaomi.”

“This time, I decided to bring the team yourself, this will be the last major entrepreneurial project in my life. I know what this decision means, what means to me, I am willing to press all the accumulated records of my life and Reputation, fight for millet cars. “

“One day, on every road around the world, there will be the sound of millet car galloping.”

“In order to provide better intelligent ecology for rice noodles, we decided to do full-owned models … Only with mobile phones, ecological chain these products are all talents to provide ubiquitous intelligent experience.”

Next, we officially entered the article, see how the Lei Jun is tearful and in-depth, see what the industry has a question of Xiaomi to make a car from the prior art to MICAR.

First, Lei Jun 35 minutes passionate car speech

At the new millet spring new product conference, the Lei Jun has completed this time a car speech in 35 minutes, passionate, is a classic.

He mentioned the achievements of the past 11 years, even in tears; he thanked those pains and hood, thinking that this continued transformation and refresh, only brought more interesting life; he thanked the global rice noodles, saying that he has been I am optimistic about the development of electric cars, even for this time in 2013, visit Mask.

The first car of Xiaomi, a smart car for users to modify

Before making the final decision, he said that he was very painful, and there were a lot of thinking, and finally made a determination to make the car, still from the incentives and support from rice noodles.

Because rice flour said, “As long as Xiaomi dares to make, they will buy”, because “Many rice flour specially like the car, as long as the rice noodles need, it is millet should do it, and struggle.”

He also asked himself, why so many people think that Xiaomi can make the car, and finally he thought two reasons:

1. Xiaomi has made a lot of products in the past 11 years. Everyone believes that Xiaomi can make a good car that can surprise everyone.

2, everyone believes that Xiaomi has the most complete intelligent ecology of the industry, and so many rice flour support, as long as you make it, you can sell it.

He began to think about such a expectation, saying that he clear the risk of the automotive industry, “Ten thousand billion investment, it is necessary to do it for three five years.” But he also thought that now Xiaomi is not ten years ago. Only three five people seven or eight guns.

“Today, Xiaomi has a little accumulation. It is worthy of our unclear. What we have, we have money, 108 billion cash, more than 10,000 people’s R & D team, there is a mobile phone business in the world, and the world The best intelligent ecology, telling the truth, and we have lost. “

“Ten8 billion, we have such a cash reserve. We don’t care about the support of the global rice noodles to Xiaomi.”

To this end, in the past 75 days, Xiaomi has conducted communication between 85 industries, exchanged 200 industrial people, and did 4 management discussions, and opened two boards.

After such a complex process, the Lei Jun once again confirmed on the stage, and Xiaomi officially entered the intelligent electric vehicle industry.

He further interpreted the early announcement and said three key information nodes.

The first information point is 10 years of investment of 10 billion US dollars.

“That is to say, the management has the right to use this fund. We come up, it is planned to invest 10 billion US dollars. The first phase of the first phase of 10 billion yuan, because it has no meaning to invest 10 billion US dollars at the beginning.”

Second point: wholly-owned.

“In order to provide better intelligent ecology for rice noods, we decided to dry with wholly-owned models. This two hours, there are a large number of investment friends to send information, asking if there is no investment opportunity. There are many people inquiry. But after passing We repeatedly consider that only all talents of mobile phones and ecological chains can order rice noodles to provide ubiquitous intelligent experience. “

The third point is that he personally brought the team and served as CEO.

Lei Jun said that from personal equipment, to smart families, smart office to intelligent travel, Xiaomi will use technology forces to provide a full-scale full-time intelligent life of global rice noodles. “The fire of this group is always in our chest.”

He said: “One day, on every road around the world, there will be the sound of millet car gallop. Xiaomi will make every user in the life brought by technology. With high quality intelligent electric car, let the global users Enjoy omnipotent smart life. “So, this time, I decided to personally bring the team, this will be the last major entrepreneurial project in my life. I know what this decision, what mean for me, I am willing Press all the records and reputation of all the accumulated records in life, fighting the millet. “

Then he turned back to him, saying that from the moment of decision, he is not concerned about there is no pressure, only cares about the ability of Xiaomi, making a good car for rice noodles. “

He said that Xiaomi did a good car or a certain confidence. Although Xiaomi is a new soldier for the electric vehicle industry, there is no experience, but Xiaomi has hunger learning ability. There is such an excellent engineer, which will invest enough time.

“I believe that the millet will be successful. As long as everyone is willing to wait, we will go all out, not to expect, and get the millet car to everyone.”

In the end, the Lei Jun said, why Xiaomi’s posting theme is endless? Because of the end of life, it is a firm belief and optimism. It is the spirit of innovation and vitality. It is every person to participate in them, driving the world’s continuous magnificent painting.

“This is Xiaomi, this is our common expectation, there is a future of unwanted courage and endless.”

After the Lei Jun speech, the rice flour boiled, brushing in various social platforms, and extracted several paragraphs.

A young man who has started to buy a car.

Not Xiaomi has money, we have money.

Of course, there is always younger, always tears.

Such emotions, in fact, in the Xiaomi’s news, there is already an end. At that time, we did a survey “Xiaomi digs you to the car, don’t you go? “

Two conclusions were obtained. The first as the above figure, there are 658 votes in the survey of “Xiaomi Cars.” 287 votes have been thrown “Of course, Miboy Road”; 106 votes “Do not buy, lounge 87 votes have been thrown “only Tesla”; 178 votes have been given “same new car, I choose Jiming Xiaopeng”.

Simple summary, willing to buy Xiaomi Motors to go to 43.61%, compared to the other three options have obvious advantages.

The above picture is the second conclusion. Two days, a total of 142 industry people have anonymous vote, and 110 votes, accounting for 72.4%, and there are 42 votes, accounting for 27.6%.

An industry people say that from the perspective of industry and product, Xiaomi has intelligent properties. She does not doubt millet to do a good job in smart driving, smart cockpit. Compared to other car companies, Xiaomi cars have the ability to protrude from the military, and there will be a good performance in advanceability.

In fact, from then, the industry has passed out of millet to dig people crazy.

Second, is the reserve is not enough? Can you make a car?

The Lei Jun’s 35-minute product passion speech is destined to become a classic. But we still have to provide more information, even if it will be doubts about millet cars.

Let’s take a look at our card of Xiaomi.

Many people know that “Xiaomi’s car” is an exclusive report from the Eighth Octoba. The “Xiaomi Determination Car” begins.

In this report, LatePost fought Xiaomi to the earliest traceable to the 2013 Lei Jun two-day travel to the United States to visit Tesla CEO Mask.

Although Lei Jun visits Mask has been controversial, we still use it as a information point, incorporate statistics, and produce this picture.

Just, everyone still has a lot of questions.

For example, Xiaomi is really prepared for the car?

In our previous interviews, the medium and high-rise Liu Jun (pseudonym) from a new car is considered to be light research and development before Xiaomi, although people can reuse, software, experience, design can be reused, and the experience of supply chain However, but the entire supply chain of the car, the hardware Know How-in which the car is still different, it is different.

They even think that Xiaomi’s accumulation on the car is insufficient:

“Millet has a chance, but it is a bit late. Especially for Huawei and Apple, you can only say there is an opportunity. Huawei is the existence of Wangfang, strong ability to redefine hardware, camera, radar, radio frequency chip, etc. The sensor can do it yourself like a person. Just like a person, all organs are naturally growing from a group of genes. It can do the best match. And Apple’s ability is worse than Huawei. It is also strong … Copy Huawei is not as good as Huawei, use Tesla’s way, Tesla will definitely be more good, so it is more embarrassing. If you start from the bottom, it is difficult.

To this end, we brought to Xiaomi’s patents through investigating the patents of Xiaomi, and 78 patents related to automobiles are not fully statistics, as well as 74 licenses related to automobiles. Through the word cloud software, the above map is combed according to frequency.

What can this picture see? Xiaomi has a certain reserve in the relevant technologies such as the navigation and positioning of the car, but there is no patent and power system, and the energy storage system is related. This reminds us of the judgment of an industry, compared to Huawei, Xiaomi is actually there is no technical reserve on the car. Therefore, in this thing, he will be more optimistic about Huawei rather than Xiaomi.

In addition, according to our incomplete statistics, Huawei has 357 patents related to automobiles, and involves multiple links and components of automobiles such as engine, drive systems, heat dissipation systems, batteries.

This is also in line with our expectations, because from the past various movements, Xiaomi is more through investment, gradually involving the automotive industry.

For example, in 2015-2016, we will invest in the capital (founded by Lei Jun). For example, in the name of Xiaomi Group directly in the name of Xiaomi Group; such as 2020 Xiaomi Invest Training Enterprise Shanghai Bo Thai.

Why is the Lei Jun entered in such a way “curve to save the country”?

According to the evening report, the answer is that the Lei Jun will “conservative” during decision-making, there is not enough cash flow, and there is no Tesla to introduce China to drive a perfect industrial ecological chain. The Lei Jun will not act rashly change its main business. Just as Xiaomi relying on Apple’s industrial chain driven by Apple, there is a mature supply system, Xiaomi starts a mobile phone like a fish.

Now, Lei Jun should think that time point.

Even in this matter of $ 10 billion, it happens to “leak” in the show broadcast three days ago.

On March 26, Xiaomi officially released the following set of “Xu Zhiyuan VS Lei Jun: Soul Dialogue”.

In this program, the Lei Jun revealed that Xiaomi is preparing a “extra large project.” He didn’t have a specific project name, but indirectly said that Xiaomi is ready to make some changes, in order to “change”, Xiaomi prepare $ 10 billion.

What is the concept of 10 billion?

In 2019, it loses a loss of 11.296 billion yuan, according to the feeding method of the awareness, 100 billion US dollars can support 5.8 years.

In 2020, Xiaopeng lost 2.73 million. If it is in accordance with Xiaopeng’s route, 10 billion US dollars can support 24.2 years.

And today, Xiaomi officially announced the car, and the statement will invest 10 billion dollars in the next decade. Even the first investment will exceed 10 billion yuan.

But even a Lei Jun, he still needs to use the product to answer the love of rice noodles and the observation of the work, he needs a real good car!

Third, Mi Car’s secret

Then, will the first MICAR be a good car?

Let me talk about the answer to the admitted to the industry.

In the auto industry, Mi Car’s power point must be intelligent, and must be closely related to Xiaomi ecology.

A new car friend tells us that Xiaomi enters this time, it must have been clear, not playing. As for MI CAR, what will be like, before more information disclosure, it is not good.

But one thing, he felt affirmed, that is, Mi Car will definitely take low price, high cost-effective, long-term ecological charges, will be like Tesla. “Terminal (mobile phone, car) make friends, ecology and software to draw, charge.”

Combined with rice noodles, “young people”, Mi Car’s first car probability will be a compact SUV similar to Volkswagen ID.4, Guangqi Ean Aion Y, does not support power transmission, Have better intelligent driving performance, as well as very nice smart cockpit, and will lower the price of such models to about 100,000 yuan.

“99999 is not expensive, just make friends!”

Such a brief description is not quenched, and it is true kungfu.

We are in a few aspects.


At the Xiaomi 11 Pro / Ultra post conference yesterday, Lei Jun took a new battery: 5000 mA, 67W charging.

At first glance, this battery is now entering the 120W charging speed now, but it can only be flat – but this is a single battery cell.

At present, the mobile phone cell of the current charging power exceeds 60W, which is started with a dual-core design, such as two support for 60W charging 2000 mA battery, which can be combined to support a 4000 mA battery of 120W charging.

In addition, the Lei Jun said this is the current smallest single 5000 mA mobile phone cell.

This battery is a work that Xiaomi and Xinwangda jointly launched. The reason why writes in today’s article is because it uses two technical-multi-pole, and silicon supplements.

Masque officially released 4680 cells on the Tesla battery last year, one of which is very important to “no ear”.

It is said that there is no ear, and it should be said that 4680 battery is placed on the side of the battery cylinder. There are two benefits to do this: reduce internal resistance (lower temperature increase charging and discharge capacity), increase volume efficiency (the same volume battery capacity is larger).

Silicon supplement, we also interpret them with Tesla’s PPT.

At present, the negative electrode of the lithium-ion battery is graphite, and if nanoila is used as an negative electrode, the negative polar theory can be increased several times per gram. However, since the nano silicon expansion coefficient is much larger than graphite, it is unfavorable to the battery structure, so the mainstream measures are still “silicon”, and “lithium”, slightly boost the battery capacity. Assist millet launch new batteries, is Xinwang, a cell / battery module developing enterprise established in 1997.

On July 29, 2015, Xinwangda and Jin rice investment, and the science and technology set up a joint venture company, including gold and incision to account for 11.25% respectively. And the chairman of the technology is Lei Jun, and Jin Mi investment is Xiaomi subsidiary.

In other words, Xiaomi has already put deeply, and even part of the battery factory.

2. “Car”

Xiaomi is actually the car for a long time, and the electric car is still a long time.

Everyone should know, I am talking about the 9th electric car under Xiaomei.

At present, the most powerful model of the No. 9 electric vehicle is the 9th electric car E, the highest power “high” 10kw, and the battery life is about 100 kilometers.

Very weak, is it? Then look.

In April 2015, No. 9 acquired US enterprises Segway – “Electricity Balancer”. In December 2019, Jien Joint Segway released an electric concept car called Apex, a liquid-cooled motor with 110kW, a wheel torque 670 cattle, meters (deceleration is unknown).

Volkswagen ID.4 Double Motor Edition / Ideal One, their single motor power is 120kw.

In addition, according to the Nine robot CEO Gao Lufeng and the President Wang Ye’s residential interview, there are 100 R & D teams in the R & D team of the 9th, 100 people responsible for battery technology, 200 people R & D cloud services and intelligence.

At present, the team has completed the self-research from the headlights to the instrument, wheels and other components, I have been able to fota.

In fact, according to the official website of Nine, from BMS electronically, it is self-developed.

3. Intelligence

“Little Love Classmates”, this is our most determined Xiaomi ecological product on Mi Car, and it is also the most prominent chapter.

After experiencing the functional progress of the smart car voice in the last two years, we just want to describe “back”. From navigation to the call, then to switch air conditioning window, excellent voice control has become an important criterion for measuring whether the car is “intelligent”.

How to describe Xiai Ai Classmates? I think “the soul of Xiaomi” is relatively appropriate.

As of November 5, 2020, the activated equipment has reached 228 million units, and the number of cumulative wakes reached 61.7 billion, and the monthly live users were 78.4 million.

What is this concept?

This means that when Xiaomi is listed, hundreds of millions of potential users may definitely pay attention to its smart cockpit control logic – “Xiai love classmates, take me on the road?”

4. Automatic driving

The digital cockpit is a rustic pulse of the smart car, and the automatic driving is another pulse.

Some people do not optimize the millet, the reason is here: Xiaomi has almost no automatic driving. Xiaomi has neither Mask’s car business experience, nor the pioneer of Google’s “Creative” level, and is even like Xiaopeng, which has already taken complete product logic.

In fact, it is not responsible to thinking about it, Xiaomi is an automatic driving product, and is the L4 level.

Tonight, millet released the sweep robot PRO. In fact, Xiaomi, and even other brands, the cheapest sweeping robot is not a thousand yuan, this is the L4-level automatic driving product that everyone can buy.

I really don’t joke.

How do a sweeping robot work? Summary of a sentence is the positioning → chart → departure → home.

In addition to the sweeping robot is automatically driving while hitting the table and chair, the car is not able to hit, the two have little difference in the principles – Of course, it is another level of challenge, here is just a bit.

At present, high-end sweeping robots have begun to use LDS laser construction drawings. The mainstream sweeping robot is visual construction.

Xiaomi today released the sweep robot pro, using a 3D TOF + visual fusion algorithm avoidance, and the map is used is LDS laser radar.

Pick a slogan of sweeping robot pro: “Techniques applied to unmanned drive”.

5. Factory

With this matter, Xiaopeng found a hippocampus, and founded the Jianghuai. But until now, some people still have a high “no factory with sin”, and it is believed that there is no production line is a pseudo-car company.

We don’t agree that the self-owned factory is the only standard for inspection vehicle enterprises, but we believe that industrial production has put control, manufacturing level KNOW How, is an important special product of a car company.

Is Xiaomi Have you?

On August 11, 2020, Xiaomi was officially announced at the 10th anniversary conference. The first unmanned factory was officially announced.

This factory is located in Yizhuang, Beijing, invested 600 million yuan, is a “black light” factory. The black lamp is the full automation of the production management process, machining process, and packaging storage and transportation process.

According to Lei Jun last year, the factory is really “empty no one” in the production process, including material transfer, is completed by the robot, and the target capacity is a thousand-level mobile phones. “Machine That Builds Machine”, this sentence comes from Mask.

From Ai’s conclusion

I am a MIUI 11-year old user, from Miui to Miui 12.5, I have brushed MIUI on every Android phone I have used, including Huawei, LG, Sony.

So when I know that Xiaomi wants to do cars, I am quite excited.

Because the car is destined to transcend pure tool attributes in this decade, becomes a smart terminal that connects everyone. “Software definition car”, “The core of smart cars is operational”, it is a joke two years ago, it is very superior before, and it will be the iron law after two years.

The 100-year industrial crown is close to the intelligent technology field with an unprecedented speed, and this is the Xiaomi of Intelligent Technology, although there is no methodology, but in fact, there is no world watch barrier.

Similarly, Apple, Google, Huawei, these companies that have changed people’s smart life will definitely bring new vitality for the automotive industry.

Let change more violent.

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