In the 2020, the Euler Automobile has a hollow sales of about 10,000 units in the first half of the year. In the second half of the year, it seems to open the second pulse. The overall sales is like a hanging, and it has sold 10 consecutive months, and even the European Pull the cat a car is difficult to seek, enter the first camp of new energy, how is the growth of the sky, how is it true?

1. Quality assurance, rest assured consumption

The Euler brand is affiliated to the new energy brand of the Great Wall Motor Group. From the overall design, the Great Wall Group has invested the establishment of the R & D team, built a global research and development system of “Seven Ten”, and the design concept is more on the basis of the trend. It conforms to the aesthetics of the Chinese; the car crafts of the Great Wall car have been relatively leading. It has formed a global production system of “11 + 5”, including 11-year-old craftsmanship production base and 5 KD plants with mature quality management system. Let the European vehicles have quality assurance; the last is the integrity management of the Great Wall Motors, the user-suited business philosophy, resolutely crack down on the price increase sales, bundle sales, false parts, accessories, etc., let users feel at ease.

2. Use the car experience, the mouth is passing

As the emergence of new things, every user will experience curious, research, experience, and wait and see stage, and finally purchased through the comprehensive comparison of all aspects. When people buy new energy vehicles, they will consider the extent of vehicle appearance, interior and other vehicles, and the convenience of charging, space comfort, power battery attenuation, after-sales service, etc., with the buying group Also included in the range of entertainment facilities. In the era of high-developed Internet, users understand the truth of the car owners through the forum, media assessment, news reports, etc., and through the recommendations of friends and family, enhance their purchase confidence, and finally try the test drive, will eventually buy. Euler brand founded in the early days, due to less users, only through the assessment of the media, but not to enhance the confidence of users to buy, with more and more people buying the European Vehicles. More and more car experiences, like the national spread. The Euler car is also a good praise from good quality, as well as high quality after-sales service, will be more and more people, including the Eula family, like a snowball, the greater the bigger.

3, the woman is also on the sky, who said that the woman is not as good as a man

With the promotion of women’s social status, more and more women have considerable income, completely owned which models of decision-making rights, single women, complete economic strength to buy a summary tool for everyday workshops. Most married female hands hold their family’s economic power, their opinions are the final opinion. The Euler car seized this, insisting on doing more love women’s car production brands, all from the perspective of women, implement a series of market activities, and impress women’s hearts.

Overall, behind the Phenomenon of Eastern Euler is unremitted, and the new energy in the world has been unreachable. The product quality is used as a basic guarantee. The user operates on the browning, and the service is served in the snow, and finally the topic title.

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