It has always been a lot of controversy about electric vehicles, the most topic is the vehicle’s battery life and the safety of electric vehicles. With the continuous development of electric vehicle technology, more and more manufacturers are also in this regard, such as the blade battery launched by BYD, which is both a capacity of the battery cell and is very large. Lifting. And Guangzhou Emian has also launched a new battery, known as the safety performance of more than the blade, name is called a magazine battery. How is the performance of Guangqi Ean Aion Y as a model with a magazine battery?

As yesterday, Guangzhou Automobile official announced the pre-sale price of Ean Aion Y, the whole department launched 5 models, and the number of battery life is 410 kilometers, 500 kilometers, 600 kilometers, and the level of safety will also be safe. It has been upgraded to excellent level, and the pre-sale price after subsidies is 10.59-14.99 million yuan. From this point of view, this price is also quite fragrant.

The new car manufacturer will be positioned as a compact SUV, but the styling of the body is more like a MPV model in Xiaobian. That is, it is to say a hundred thousand-headed cars, which can give consumers’ room for ride, the body size, the length of the car is 4410/1870 / 1645mm, and the wheelbase is 2750mm, which satisfies the daily household whit Not a problem. In the specific molding design, the left and right ridges of the front portion of the head indicates the identity of the car pure electric SUV. Moreover, the manufacturer also foreseen that the potential owner of this car is basically young, so gives adequate modification space, like the previous macro Mini EV, in the future, has a variety of distinctive modification styles.

The interior part of the vehicle is the overall and simple route, which is also the design idea of ​​the current electric vehicle. Although the design is more concise, on the material of the inner ornament, it has always been satisfied with the advantages of domestic cars, comfort. In terms of color matching, the manufacturer boldly used three-color matching design, the sky blue + black + orange design looks not to suppress, but filled with the taste of the sun. The seat of the vehicle is also echoing with the color of the vehicle in the vehicle, the sky blue color color is very good, but it is a bit of dirty.

In terms of power, the new car is equipped with a maximum power of 135 kW, the maximum torque is 225 Nm. The battery is equipped with the cartoon battery from this home. As the first model equipped with the battery, although it is not yet listed, it is received by all parties. As mentioned above, under the premise of ensuring sufficient safety, the life will also improve well.

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