On March 28, Zhimei pure electric tide Siwei E10X was officially launched. The new car launched a total of 7 models, the battery life is 150-302km, and the price range after the comprehensive subsidy is 3.99-7.59 million yuan. There is no doubt that the A00-level electric car market has a heavy model.

The “magic” of the Chinese auto market is that any market that seems to be blue sea will quickly become “Red Sea”. After Wulinghong Miniev, the A00-level electric car has protrudes, and the sales volume increased from more than 160,000 vehicles in 19 years to 304,000, and the market is hot and the favorite of users. Therefore, many car companies have a MTA electric vehicle market, and quickly re-“packaging” the original micro-electric model, intended to divide a piece.

With the successive list of Changan Ben E-Star, Siwei E10X has been listed, plus Eulecula Black Cat, Chery Small Ants, and the good show in the A00-level electric car market has already debuted. “Fish Dragon is mixed”, I believe that many friends have begun to count, and who is more worth buying. So, can Siyu E10X have successfully breakdown?

From the look, Although Siyu E10X is based on the upgrade of Jianghuai IEV6E, it has become more young by simultaneously submitting the profile of the lights through the simple line. More amazing is the colorful cars, and the tide is full.

Entering the car, the new car is a large number of integrated design elements, 6.2-inch suspension LCD instrument, 10.25-inch HD liquid crystal calibration arrangement, with brown, white, black panel decoration and changing shift mode, let The entire interior does have a sense of technology.

As the first A00-class model of the mass brand of the mass, Si Wei E10X is a look shape, or the interior design is much more than the macro Minien, this is obvious. Compared with Changan Benben E-Star, Siyu E10X is also more dynamic.

Chinese brand cars have always been good at “smashed”, Si Wei E10X has also got “true biography”.

In terms of the body size, the long-width height of the five-seat version of the E10X is 3650/1670 / 1540mm, and the wheelbase reaches 2390mm. Compared with Wuling Hong Kong miniev (body size 2910/1493 / 1621mm, axial distance 1940mm), Siyu E10X is a lot, and the layout of the two rows of four cars makes their space performance more excellent.

Throughout the A00-level electric vehicle market, Siwei E10X’s space performance can really bring a better driving experience to consumers. The same is true, Siyu E10x is very understanding of the preferences of the Chinese, equipped with intelligent voice systems, electronic posette, carlife smartphone interconnect system, reversing image, trajectory, ramp, pedestrian warning system VSP and other functions; mobile app Remote switch air conditioners, open and closed door locks, positioning, one machine in hand, easy to master.

Although the price of Siyu E10x is higher than the macro Miniev, but looked at this configuration, it feels very worthless, and it is no longer needed to go to get off work, and it will be more comfortable. Today, spend 4-7 million yuan to start a A00-level electric car, and the configuration is more abundant E10X is definitely a priority option. In addition, the new car also has a vehicle OTA upgrade function, so that the car is not improvingly upgraded like a smartphone.

In terms of power, Siyu E10X is equipped with a pre-drive permanent magnet synchronous motor, and the maximum power is divided into 30kW and 45kW. In terms of endurance, Simic E10X is equipped with lithium iron phosphate batteries, a total of 15 / 19.7 / 30.2kwh three capacity specifications of battery packs, and the corresponding maximum battery life is 150km, 200km, 302km, respectively.

It is worth mentioning that the new car is standard with airbags and air conditioners, safety and comfort are not discontinued by steps, and the same configuration is rare in the macro Miniev. Siyu E10X also conducted 20 cents of hardship safety, high-pressure safety, safety, etc., which brought the ultimate safety travel experience to users.

It is always looking at it, compared to the macro Miniev, the elastic black cat, Changan Ben E-Star, the continuation of the German gene, the mass of the masses close to the demand for Chinese consumers, which possesses the advantages in many aspects. “Low-cost high” boutique car, there is a large “play” space in the A00-level electric vehicle market, obviously more worth buying.

If the macro Miniev is the leader of the A00-level electric vehicle market, then the Siyu E10X will use a cool look, the trend of the interior, the long life, and the friendly price will set off a new wave. For the user, the same price can have more choices, why not?

In 2020, the new energy auto market showed the “two-headed and middle” market pattern. Tesla, Jimei Automobile, BYD and other positions of high-end, Hongguang Miniev, Eu Folk Black Cat, Chery Small Ants, etc.

Under this market pattern, the Law Group has two major characteristics in the domestic new energy auto market, and more than 200,000 main war will be the public ID. 4, and the main battle of the following 80,000 yuan will be Si Wei. E10X. With the continuous launch of more models of Siyu New Energy, the influence of Volkswagen’s new energy auto market will be larger. Under the help of the Volkswagen ID family and the new energy family, the public “on Tutla, under pressure is universal Wuli”, is not outless.

So, I have experienced the battlefield, who is the new king of the electric car market in the 2021 year?

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