Last year, due to the influence of the new crown epidemic, all walks of life in the first half of the year were silent. Until the end of the first half of the epidemic, they gradually completed their resumption. The impact of this year’s epidemic has become a lot, especially for the domestic market, as long as scientific prevention and control, the car show is still possible. This year’s Shanghai Auto Show will be held this year, because the overseas auto show is not smooth, there are many heavy models that are piled up in the Shanghai car exhibition. Today we introduced this car, which is expected to pre-sale models at the Shanghai Auto Show in 2021, Ford Mustang Mach-E.

As early as last year’s Beijing Auto Show, this imported Ford Mustang Mach-E has completed his first show. Everyone knows that Ford’s cooperative manufacturers in China is Changan Group, so this Changan Ford Maka Mach-E has completed its own engineering truck. According to the information disclosed by the relevant personnel, the new car pricing is about 350,000 yuan. At this time, the Shanghai Auto Show will be unveiled, and the pre-sale is opened. If there is a friend who has a car purchase, you can wait, this is A young and moving SUV model, the target of Tesla domestic model Y.

In terms of vehicle appearance, this joint venture SUV basics and overseas versions are not very different, but it is also fine-tuning for the aesthetic tendencies of the Chinese. It can be said that there are both American cars, and in line with the exquisiteness of the aesthetic. Several ridges of the head cover partially highlight the power of the car, and people see a strong driving desire. Although it is a pure electric SUV, the front face of the car still maintains a black intake grille and looks very dynamic. The side part of the vehicle, a waist line of a cross-rear and rear waistline makes this truck do not appear bloated, but there is a strong explosive force. The tail shape of the slightly closed back is also allowed to meet the current aesthetic trend of the current mainstream. Plus a plurality of hubs, let this truck looks a kind of Scwe, but still has the ability to break out at any time.

The car will not only launch a standard version of the model, but also the GT version will also be launched. It is expected that the GT version will be equipped with the double motor before and after, and the time control of the zero-hell acceleration is within 3 seconds. So grades are indeed worthy of this name. . In terms of configuration, the car used Ford’s new CO-Pilot360 intelligent driving assistance system to support L2 level auxiliary driving. At the same time, this new car will also support the FOTA system online upgrade, so that the old owner can experience the latest technology of the manufacturer, it can be said that it is very conscience.

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