On the evening of March 29, Guangqi Yan Aion Y officially announced the pre-sale price, the price range is 10.59-1499 million yuan, from the price to see this price is very suitable for the family, then, Guangqi Ean Aion Y This price is worth it. ? Let’s take a look at the specific performance of this car.

In terms of appearance, the front face of Guangqi Ean Aion Y is still very identified, and the whole is nothing lines to shape three-dimensional, and the whole is a more stereo convex, which is still sharp. . The headlights on both sides are very distinctive, just like the eyes of the deformation robot, with a mechanical combination. Not only that, in the lower part of the front part of the head, the silver-stained plate design style of the orange line is completely in the mold, and the visual effect is really absolutely. It is always transformed at any time.

The overall line of the side is very in the style of the medium, but it also has a very eye-catching design. Let’s look at the shape of the wheel, is it very fantasy technology, the identity is also extremely high, and the square eyebrows with the same color The whole side of the scientific technology is sublimated in an instant, that is, the side of the deformation robot of this front, plus the orange line decoration echoes the front of the head, and the whole is very uniform.

At first glance, the tail shape is very popular, the overall shape is very full, and the level is also quite rich. But overall look at the end, is it like a robot’s face? The tarant of the smoked black treatment plus a line under the trunk, and it has formed a very distinctive robot’s face. It is very designed and very surprised.

The overall style of the interior is simple, although coloring is a lot of splice, but the whole is not a fancy feeling that it is very fresh and gentle. The design of the overall regions is also very standard, almost all of the rectangles of various sizes are connected, and the feeling of giving people is not very messy. On the entire center console, a large-sized screen is very conspicuous, just like a TV, it is still very technological.

In terms of power, Guangzhou Automobile Ean Aion Y is equipped with a maximum power of 184 horsepower, with a peak torque of 225 nm, 100 kilometers consuming 12.8kWh. In terms of endurance, Guangqi Ean Aion Y has different corresponding endurance configurations according to different prices, with three versions of 460km, 500km, 503km, and 600km, and selection space is still quite big from the life. Do you think this car is worth buying this price?

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