The PPT, which is long agolition, is exposed online, will launch a Class A car, B-level pure electric car, B-class plug-in mixing car, SUV model, and pure electric pulley type and mixed skin truck in the next three years Type, improve the new energy product matrix. With the increasingly mature new energy market, there are many car companies like BYD, and the layout plan for future new energy markets has begun to improve the schedule.

Recently, according to relevant channels, Everbrucks will launch 9 models, covering from the A-class car to the D-class car, and realize the full coverage of the model. In addition to the mainstream sedan in the current car market, Everbrucks will also launch cross-border models and MPV models.

It can be seen from the currently exploded model positioning and competition models, and the 9 models of the NT models have covered entry-level models, mid-range models and high-end models. With the luxury model Audi A8L, Mercedes-Benz S-Class, Tesla Model S, Hantai D. High-end sedan; also has a target Model 3, BMW 4 Series and the mid-range Crace for Audi A5. In the SUV market, Everbrucks also launched a Hengda 3, which includes the Helen 5, B-level mid-end SUV of the A-level entry-level SUV, NTM, high-end SUV. In the face of the two models of Elfa and Buick GL8 in the MPV market, Hengfeng also launched the C +-grade MPV model of the might of the barrier – Hengchi 4.

Evergrande is a famous brand in China, with a very high brand awareness, and it is more amazing strength and development after getting involved in the automotive field. Since the establishment of August 2019, a big leap forward from 0 to 1 is achieved in the new energy vehicle area in just two years. As of the current, the Hengchi 1, the pure electric D-stage sedan, Heng Chi 2, a pure electric B-class car Heng Chi 2, C-class large SUV Hengfa 3 and C + type MPV Hengfa 4 and pure electric A-level SUV The 6 new energy models in the A-level Express SUV Heng 6. Since then, the three models launched can be seen that they are still based on cars and SUV.

It is reported that the SMEs have achieved sales exceeding 1 million in 2025, and in 2035, the sales volume exceeded 5 million achievements. In addition, the constant cars will also establish a Hengchi Auto Experience Center, and 300 self-operated and after-sales service centers in the first-tier city of Northern Deep.

As one of the car companies in the cross-border, Hengchi has demonstrated its powerful product matrix and meticulous planning. In the current new energy market, the sales of new energy vehicles are far from the extreme, regardless of whether the sales of Hengchi cars can break through 1 million in 2025, in the new energy market in China, Hengchi cars are already one step. The footprints are in front.

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