Volkswagen, BMW or Wild Horse?

Does Tesla have opponents in the market?

At first glance, this problem is equal to it. After all, regardless of the new forces or old forces, when you step on new energy this hot soil, there is almost no one who doesn’t think of the enemy or the reference department. On the product, self-sealing, or the recommended “Tesra killer”, it is more necessary.

However, Tesla’s status did not shake, “Tesra killer” is all different, and there is nothing to play.

Recently, even if the security problem is entangled, the quality word of mouth collapses, Tesla can still call the wind in the market, more showing less options that can be directly replaced. In a sense, the outside world is suffering from Tesla, and it is not also in the face of the peers, especially the traditional vehicle enterprises that have a strong strength and love everywhere.

However, after many years of humiliation, the latter finally saw the hope of turning over.

Really no opponent?

Speaking of the anti-attack of traditional cars, recently mentioned the most is undoubtedly the public.

With the momentum of “Power Day” and the trend of share price since this year, the public has been delivered in the first true pure electric product ID. 4 in China. New design, not a lot of expensive products, suitable prices, and VW standards are born, ID.4 is not big, but at least it will not be like traditional car companies, including BBA Since the pure electric product launched, there is no sound.

However, if you want to “grab the market share of Testra” as the public CEO Dis, I am afraid I am not very real. In fact, the way I.D4 is cut, it has been misplaced with Tesla.

First, no matter whether the size is still the price, there is no replacement relationship with Tesla’s SUV MODEL Y. At the same time, although the price is overlapped with Model 3, it is good to have SUV “psychological advantages” of the car, not hard.

The public is about to be a second ID. Series Id.3, after the listing last year, in Europe, the sales of the soldiers, the sales of MODEL 3 is large. However, with it to grab the latter market, it is more like a share of other traditional brands. After all, regardless of positioning, size or price, Id.3 and Model 3, the difference is obvious.

In fact, this is also a period of time, and traditional vehicle enterprises should be able to use the common strategy of Tesla: avoiding the sharpness, looking for opportunities in the way, especially in the compact level of the market.

“Hard tougain” is not, such as Porsche Taycan’s attack on Model S / X in the high-end market, but after all, it is a “fairy fight”.

Tesra really wandered Model 3 / Y, traditional car companies do not have a product that can be directly dialogue. It is rare to have a breakdown BYD Han, which seems to have not hurt Model 3 points.

Don’t look down on the old name

“Avoiding a sharp”, it is a wise competitive strategy. The corresponding price is that after the initiative, the competitors get a bigger space, flashing, step by step. For example, Tesla has no opponent in his main market, rushing straight, which is really like a rumor, and the traditional vehicle enterprises are estimated to be mourning.

In this case, everyone is naturally, with more powerful players to actively launch an attack to Tesla, do not say battle, at least let Tesla have a scruple.

There are indications that the Ford Mustram, which is about to be launched, has this potential.

Last week, domestic Mach-E engineering trial car officially launched, and confirmed that it will be started in the Shanghai Auto Show in April, and listed within the year. More interesting information is that the price of domestic Mach-E will be set to 350,000, with the price of 34.79-37.79 million Tesla Model Y, it can be said that it is not biased and hits.

More than the price, two cars are equivalent to the level, size, motivation, and battery life. Compared to Mach-E, Tesla is in the depth of assist driving and OTA, the advantage is difficult to shake. However, the former has the design of the wind, the ancestral handling skills and the fullness of the wild horse brand, which may be more attractive for consumers who do not have strong sense of intelligence.

The market in the North American market provides some reference. In the beginning of this month, Morgan Stanley’s report showed that Tesla in the United States in February has fallen from 81% last year to 69%, and the lost share basically flows to the wild horse Mach-E. It is no wonder that Ford CEO doesn’t rather say “Mach-E is the first real opponent in Tesla.”

In the country, the signboard of the wild horses is not as good as North America, but it can be expected that Mach-E is at least a force of Model Y. More importantly, when the world is following Tesla walking technology route, Mach-e insists on power and control, providing a different choice for the market, providing a different posture for electricity.

Be name for “oil change”

For Tesla, Mach-E attacks the future sales pillar MODEL Y. It is “drape”; if the current sales pillar MODEL 3 is threatened, it is the real “near worry”.

Early Pope P7, BYD Han as the direct opponent of Model 3, is sent to the outside world. However, although the two have little achievements, they will not be able to shake MODEL 3 status. For the reasons, most of them are already outside the product level, more lies in the lack of brand support. Do you have a better brand?

BMW I4 in the BMW Financial Association will give us an answer.

In fact, I4 just complete the appearance, the global media is already thinking about a higher scene with MODEL 3. Among them, there is only a large factor in MODEL 3, of course, because i4 is really good enough from the paper.

Based on the Clar platform of the BMW home, I4 is still a “oil-modified” “oil change” that is not buckled. But strong product quality, there is hope to fade this label. Contrast MODEL 3 does not lose even slightly more powerful power, life (550-700 km), BMW 8th generation IDRIVE system, plus a widely acclaimed shape and interior, it is estimated that there will not be too many people to pay attention to “” The origin of oil change.

In particular, at this level, in addition to Model 3, there is no more choice.

To put it up, in electricization, BMW has never been smooth. It has grown in the morning, but I didn’t say it. I finalized the route of “oil-electricity parallel”, and hit the pure electric platform. “Oil change”, such as the fuel three-cylinder machine, has become a mouse after being laminated.

The first product IX3 under the new route, the sales are bleak after the listing, and there is no way to drop 70,000, which is very falling.

Therefore, it is impossible to understand the original BMW, which is more than the original plan, is not difficult to understand. According to the new timetable, I4 will be the first to go to overseas in the year, and it is officially entered next year.

However, how to shake MODEL 3, still depends on pricing. At this point, it has fallen to Model 3 of “floor price”, and there is no big space for the later person. If I4 enters China with imports, the prospect is really worrying. However, if there is an IX3 direct domestic case in front, I4 entered China, which seems to be not difficult.

Voice dispute

Of course, although the drama of the competition is good, the new energy market is still not like a fuel car, and you have entered the “zero and game”, you die. The continued guidance of the policy, the continuous evolution of consumption habits, the next new energy gradually eats the gruel share, and it is the main melody.

In the case where the cake is more, the traditional vehicle enterprises compete with Tesla, on the one hand, on the one hand, it is more important, and more importantly, there is a future voice.

Tesla’s dominant status, from far leading sales. But behind the sales, it is more difficult for the concept, standard, technology route, but it is more difficult to shake, because it is directly related to consumer’s cognition and preference, once it is formed, it is difficult to change. When Tesla is entangled in the problem, it is still calm, and it is better to say “arrogant” or “numbness”, it is better to say that he has “eat” consumers.

Since you have the right to speak, you must formulate the rules of the game according to your favorite. So, for the traditional vehicle enterprises, it becomes the way to defeat Tesla. It sounds a very heroism, it is difficult to get like a day.

Therefore, with Tesla misplaced competition, the tactics may have a good way, but the long-term, it is equal to the strategic initiative to make out the strategy, and the future will only be more and more nasal. Only positive participation in competition, issuing your own voice in the confrontation with the strong, and hopes to win a bigger space for the future.

On the bigger level, there are more players who can play in the mainstream market, and it is a good thing.

Only in this way, the right to choose can truly hand over the consumer.

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