According to foreign media TeslaoCle, at the Tesla internal conference call held yesterday, Masque told all employees, 2021 will be a surprising year of Tesla, and will become better in the next few years.

Production of 1 million cars is Tesla this year’s main goal, Masque is very optimistic about this goal. In 2020, Mask once produced 500,000 vehicles as a goal and did it. In the process of realizing last year’s goals, Shanghai plays an important role. According to a new research report, the production capacity of Temla Shanghai plant in 2021 is expected to exceed 500,000 units, which is critical to the implementation of Tesla million new cars.

In 2020, 500,000 new cars can be delivered to Tesla continuously. So, what is 1 million in 2021 mean? If Tesla has successfully completed the goal, the result is likely to predict like Mask, Tesla may soon become the world’s largest company.

According to recent news reports, Tesra Berlin factory began production in July, and it was expected to be delivered before the end of the year. Tesla’s electric truck SEMI released in 2017 will also be ushered in this year. According to Pepsi’s latest news, before the end of the year, they have the opportunity to get 15 SEMI electric trucks. It has been reported that the Pepsi book is 100. So, this news is just in line with Mask’s small batch production SEMI this year, and will only open the fire, mass production in 2022.

A few days ago, @ 不 看车 has pushed a short message, I firmly believe that the advantage of the pure electric car track Testra will become more obvious, other manufacturers want to catch up with almost impossible. Unless there is a new track, other manufacturers are only for the second, and the third part of the third!

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