If you ask now who is the most popular car brand as a family, then many people will think of Tesla Mask. And if you say that the most hot car brand in the past few years is who your family is, I believe that many people’s answers will be “next week to return to China” Jia Yueping. Just when many people think this brand is going to cool, many of the funds will return to the future. Nowadays, new energy auto markets are different from a few years ago, consumers have become increasingly accepted by new energy vehicles, so FF is also understandable.

As yesterday, a news suddenly appeared on the official website of Fara, the first model is also the brand’s flagship model FF91, which is already available, 50,000 yuan, and it is worth mentioning that the 50,000 deposit consumers can be at any time. Quickly exempt, in addition to many consumers’ doubts about this brand.

According to the manufacturer news, consumers have submitted the application, manufacturers will have a special person to connect, contacting customers before the production of vehicles, you can personalize your car, create a exclusive vehicle that belongs to you. Even after signing the vehicle sales contract, the consumer can still cancel the order at any time, and the deposit of 50,000 yuan will give consumers a lot, such an atmospheric policy has also won a lot of praise, saying that you can wait and see wave.

Said to go back to FF91, many years ago, many people said that this car is too ideal, and the possibility of mass production is not large. However, with the development of technology to today, this bold design seems to be more surprised. After all, many models similar to the concept car have been mass-produced, and the accepted level of this car has also become more higher. .

Not only the design is bold avant-garde, but the design is equally sincere. 12 LCD touch screens before and after letting this car full of technology. At the same time, the solid extent of this car material is also far from the imagination of super people, and it can be said that the comfort is also guaranteed. In the face of FF91 accepting the reality, I don’t know what to think about the blacks of the blacks. At the same time, the Volkswagen is a big problem for this brand. We look forward to the first custom version FF91 to deliver, see who can become the first owner of FF91.

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