In the key node of new energy transformation, the new power of the car has burst into huge energy, causing a small wind wave in the market, and traditional car brands, especially luxury brands, are a bit slow. For example, we are familiar with Mercedes-Benz, not very fluent in the new energy market, and have been pressed by the electric car giant Tesla. Zone know, Mercedes-Benz is positioned because of its own brand, naturally, will not do some low-end cars. If you pay with Tesla, the target opponent will start from Model Y. So, have Mercedes-Benz’s models with a target MODEL Y? The answer is yes.

Today, the author brought to everyone is Mercedes-Benz EQB. The car is a pure electric SUV of Mercedes, but it is not officially launched, still in the rendering stage. However, we can still be able to see what this car is in the rendering map.

The appearance is the problem of older talk. The identity of Mercedes-Benz is very high. From the rendering chart of Mercedes-Benz EQB, are you seeing the shadow of GLB? In other words, there is no more new design on the Mercedes-Benz EQB, but there have been some adjustments in the details, such as the intake grille, the lanterns have become more sharp. Most of the design is also a pavement for the identity of the vehicle electric vehicle.

On the layout of the space in the car, the car uses 7 layouts, which means that Mercedes-Benz EQB is a large SUV. This is Bitsra Model Y to perform excellent performance. Although Tesla Model Y is the medium SUV, the layout of the 5 seats still fall.

There is no rendering map, but according to Mercedes-Benz past interior design, Mercedes-Benz EQB’s interior will also be fashionable, intelligent, and the profit margin is better than Model Y. After all, Tesla’s minimalistic interior style, with Mercedes-Benz’s interior is two different styles.

It is understood that Mercedes-Benz EQB has the power assembly as EQA, and the maximum power may be more than 270 ps. Only 400 kilometers on the battery life. It can be seen that Mercedes-Benz EQB has a good point in appearance or power, but it is still a strong man, not only does not have model y, but also less than most low-level electric vehicles, this may become Mercedes-Benz EQB The biggest obstacle, what do you think?

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