It’s hard to imagine that a self-owned brand model is worried because there are too many orders. On March 25, the Wey brand officially released the “Tank 300 Suspension Notice”, which announced that from March 28, 2021, the Wey App will suspend new orders. The Wey brand pointed out in the notice that the reason for the tank 300 suspended is “Excessive accumulation order”, in other words, the hot sale of the tank 300 makes Wey’s production lines.

In fact, because the order is too hot, the manufacturer directly suspends the order, in the history of the domestic auto market and the global auto market, it is also rare in the history of the car market, and the tank 300 must also make the independent brand model to make a grown. It is worth mentioning that in the past, many automakers have chosen to wait for consumers, even some car brands deliberately for some models, thanks, wey. This approach seems to be more embodied in “customer is God” concept.

In addition, for the practice of “being paused due to orders”, it does not mention how we is considered, and it seems that this is “Versailles trouble” in the majority of netizens.

Stopping and leaving the problem of solving waiting cycle long

Wey stops receiving the order of the tank 300 is a little surprising, then why is this Versailles? Wey mentioned in the notice. “First of all, I would like to thank the tanks to support the tank 300, the tanks have continued to maintain high, and the monthly order volume has exceeded 10 consecutive breakthroughs. Due to excessive accumulation orders, there are many tank hand vehicles delivered. Waiting cycle reaches more than 3 months. “

And Wey’s solution is also unspeakable. “In order to fundamentally solve the problem of waiting cycle long, we provide a better purchase experience. We decided to carry out the factory ‘stopline product transformation”, which is subsequent Provided. This production capacity will add more than 50 production line robots, used in the production of festival enhancement and renovation, and the capacity bottleneck. “

Wey mentioned that the “stop-line hit product” is expected to be renovated from March 29, and the debugging is expected to be completed on April 10, and the tank 300 order restart date is subject to the official announcement.

As mentioned earlier, in the past, many automotive manufacturers (sales terminals) are tight for orders, most of them choose to let consumers waiting, and some will even have some “fierce trucks” hunger marketing. And Wey is completely resolved in the automotive industry in the automotive industry. This approach also reflects the emphasis on the consumer experience to a certain extent, and it is preferred to temporarily lose orders to make consumers have too long waiting time.

In addition, according to the news released by the Wey brand, Wey stops accepting orders this time may also be affected by the shortage of chip, “Some overseas purchasing chip supply effects, Tank 300 models from March 10 to March 30th, Production rhythm, shipping, and delivery progress will affect different degrees. “

From the perspective of enterprise, under the dual trouble for production capacity, the chip break is temporarily stopped and the order is not smart.

Self-branded off-road vehicles really righteous

All along, SUVs in the positioning off-road are in the country market in the domestic auto market, and the self-owned brand models are not much layout in this area, and fewer successful people. The tank 300 is clearly a lucky one in the SUV of the independent brand.

Data show that in 2021, the sales volume of tanks 300 was 6,018, sales in February of 3,300, the previous two months of sales reached 9,318. This is extremely difficult for a self-selling SUV with high price (17.58-21.38 million).

Why is the tank 300 welcome? On the one hand, the full range of 2.0T engines, the power assembly of 8AT automatic transmission, maximum power 227 hp, peak torque 387 cattle, rice, equipped with a variety of professional off-road mode. Using non-carry-carrying body, the front double-bade arm independent suspension and the post-alone bridge are non-independent suspension, while equipped with Borg Warner’s divided four-wheel drive, and equipped with 3 differential locks. This car has indeed gives consumers to find “poetry and distant” bottom gas. On the other hand, compared to other popular off-road SUVs, the price of tank 300 is relatively low. After all, whether it is compared to the Hamver H9 or overseas brand, the prices of the Wrangler, the tank 300 are easily accepted.

Of course, the hot tank 300 also allows Great Wall Motors with Versailles. On the one hand, since the order is too hot, Wey has to temporarily accept orders for the tank 300. On the other hand, the momentum of the tank 300 is too large. It has masked the aura of the mother brand Wey. Li Ruifeng, the Chief Marketing Officer of Wey Brand, once clearly revealed that the tank 300 was too strong, led to the weakening of the Wey brand, just knew Haval not Knowing the Great Wall, when a single brand is strong enough, people often ignore the mother brand.

And this also allows the tank 300 being forced to operate, self-supporting portal. On March 21, Wei Jianjun, Chairman, Great Wall, announced that “Tank will independently become a cross-country brand, will be officially announced during this year’s Shanghai Auto Show.” At present, Great Wall Motor has applied for “Tank” brand logo, and it is expected that the Shanghai Auto Show will be announced. In the people. By then, “Tank” brand LOGO will also be public. In addition, it is understood that the tank series will increase the tank 600 and tank 900 new cars, which are positioned above the tank 300. In any case, I was forced to suspend the order because of hot sale. I was forced to operate for the tank 300 because of the hot sale. The troubles of Versailles were naturally beneficial to Great Wall cars.

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