How about zero run T03?

Recently, there is more car owners asking.

Since the list of A00-level cars, sales have exceeded 8,000 units, and become the backbone of zero-sports cars rank among the new forces of the camp.

“Electric Vehicle Association” community has a T03 owner, Mr. Yuan, he is a senior electric car user. In 2018, he became a founded owner of the ES8, accompanied by the growth of it, and witnessed the development of the new energy automotive industry. He is even ready to go to work related to new energy vehicles.

The T03 is already his third electric car. He also settled a red Mitsunda Mining MINI EV. But after two months, he did not hesitate to sell money, and turned to a T03.

What kind of car is T03? How is the car experience?

Mr. Yuan is the most voice.

Therefore, in the first two days, we invited Mr. Yuan to tell the overall use of T03, and he gave this car highly evaluation:

1, T03 is the highest price car in the same level.

2, some functions, such as reversing images, even better than it is better.

3, the vehicle control is not poor than the otter, the air conditioner can also be remotely controlled.

4, there is also a face identifying the function of launching the vehicle, it is also very easy to use, and now there is no such function.

However, the air conditioner of T03 is not easy to use. When it is cold, there is no difference between 32 degrees and 22 degrees, and the temperature is not going; if the speed cruise is not adaptive to the cruise, the vehicle navigation is not easy.

The following content is described by the owner, “Electric Vehicle Association” is organized.


Loss money to sell Hong Kong MINI EV

I resolutely choose T03

I have a good relationship with a good Akunian. In August last year, we bought a macro MINI EV together. Because the 5 digits of the number of 5 digits behind Lu BD is not much, it is 2. So we want to see if you can get a car, take up one.

At that time, Hongguang Mini EV has just been listed, the price is cheap, the local subsidies have a subsidy of 6,000 yuan, even if it is sold, it will not lose much, so I bought it.

Although the number, I didn’t put it, and I have been driving in the past. I have been driving for two months, I found this car really, the country is not known, but can’t open in the city.

On the one hand, although the car mini EV is small, the door is not small, sometimes the parking space is slightly narrow, and it is not convenient to get off the door. On the other hand, the configuration is too low, even the airbag is not. Especially after it is open, I can’t accept it.

At that time, I just paid attention to the zero run T03 through the usual familiar car media. They were quite high for this car. I also felt that this car was good, I decided to change the car.

To be honest, before this, I didn’t know much about zero. I only know that their first car is a small coupe, a little biased, selling is not good, and later did not pay attention to this brand.

After listening to this evaluation of T03 this time, I went to find information, I know that the brand is the big shares, and T03 can be sold.

So I decided to buy it, I got a test drive process, and I was finalized. It is used to the macro Mini EV, then test drive T03, it feels a lot.

First, the space is larger.

Second, the power is more powerful, and the acceleration is better.

Third, the configuration of the interior does not feel like MINI EV. The seat of the at least one T03 is PU (a man-made synthetic skin material). The steering wheel feels more better, and the macro MINI EV plastic is too strong.

In terms of price, T03 saves me a lot of money. At that time, there were activities on the other side of Qingdao, and the car was reduced by 4,000, and the civil servants were reduced by 3000, which is 7,000. I also happened to bought a car in their store, because the car did not upgrade the wheel, bringing a 14-inch wheel, and gave me a cheaper 2000, so the car will save 9,000 yuan directly after the car.

However, selling the macro Mini EV lost money in insurance.


Zero Run T03 use car experience:

The highest cost performance in the same level

Compliance with actions

This car is from the beginning of December month, and now I just ran 3,000 kilometers. For me, T03 is already good enough, the size is right, running is very flexible, in line with the summary requirements.

At the same time, I think it is this size level car in the best car. T03 is very prominent, there is nothing special obvious short board, almost this level of bucket cars (bucket car: refers to the model of the comprehensive product power and no obvious disadvantage), I evaluated this car very much high.

The price of this price is like it does not make money, how much is the 38 kWh of the battery? Take a car to sell 70,000 yuan, and there is almost about 60,000 activities, and the battery must not be 340,000 yuan. I always feel that he has to lose money, and it is necessary to calculate it, this price is no longer possible.

Next, I specifically talk about the performance of this car from configuration, life, and power.

First, configure enough.

The set of car machines in T03 is very good, and the vehicle control is not bad. For example, air conditioners can be turned on remotely. When this is the stage, these functions have not been developed later. The lane line, small battery car, motorcycle, pedestrian, a small battery car, motorcycle, pedestrians can be displayed on the LCD screen, and I feel that there is no difference with it.

Recently, T03 is quite expected by pushing the L2 level auxiliary driving. Moreover, it is a binocular camera is not three objects. I always want to see how it does this. Zhu Jiangming should be a person who is practical, it is estimated that it will not be too bad.

But before the L2 level smart driving upgrade, the function that can be used is not much.

I have a fixed speed cruise, I don’t use it. It may be used two times, because the intelligent assist driving of the awareness is very good, I use adaptive cruise used habits, this fixed speed cruise always feels good, and the sure is not available.

However, T03 has 4 obvious highlights in configuration:

1, collision warning function, many of this level of car do not have this feature.

2, the tire is slippery, and when the ground is not good, there is also a tone, and there is a sliding symbol flashing on the screen.

For some time, Qingdao has undergasting the snow. There are not many snow addresses on the road. After the snow is finished, if there is no rush, the road is slippery. In this case, if you step on the electric door, it will slip, and the prompt will often appear. This feature is very good, and I will know that the tire may slip, the electric door needs to step on it.

3, face recognition of the function of starting the vehicle.

I have forgotten the key with the key, after using the mobile app to open the door, the face recognizes the vehicle. This feature I feel that it is better than it is, it is not available now. This is very good, the big gain is a dry monitoring.

4, the reversing image is also very clear. My wife sat once this car, saying that this reversing image is clear than it, the only lack is 360.

Second, the battery life is also good.

At that time, I bought it is just in winter. I drive is also more fierce. Basic every day the electric door stepping, plus open air conditioning, I think the life is not bad.

I am generally charged to 100 kilometers, sometimes two or three days, sometimes three or four days. The default charging upper limit of the manufacturer is 80%, I will be 90%, full of battery life shows about 340 kilometers.

Specific a pot of electricity runs, I have not tried it myself. Because I opened in the city, there is a charging pile in the home, don’t worry about charging.

I remember that the power consumption of the time during the winter is 25. It should be more, but the vehicle system is displayed, even if 26 it also shows you 25.

Its battery has a total of 38 kW, if the power consumption of 100 kilometers is 252 km.

These two days have a high temperature, I see that the shutter shows the power consumption is 15, I don’t know why it will be so much, and I should not say it. Our power consumption is not so big, the air conditioner has been open, and it will not be so big.

So can’t be 15, I think it is still related to its battery thermal management. But if you consume this power, you can run more than 250 kilometers.

However, I can never think about it, how much it is, how to open it.

If you don’t run long distances, you really don’t have to put life, electricity consumption. There are many riders in our group, they still discuss electricity consumption all day, I will run out, do you drive in the city, is there any difference between 20 and 20? As long as the charging is convenient, it doesn’t matter.

Maybe the new owner of the electric car is just started, it cares about this, they have little time.

When I first started to open it, I also tangled power consumption, and I still practiced what gold right. I saw how much energy can be opened. I think about this. I don’t want to open, I don’t have a few days. electrical.

Third, the power is full.

Qingdao’s situation is more special is that there are many uphills. This road Hong Kong mini EV is obvious, especially when going uphill, T03 will not, power.

I can usually open economic model. Because the driving mode of T03 is not customized, I may open it habits, I like to use the ability to recover, and I like to recover with particularly strong kinetic energy. The T03’s sport mode has no kinetic energy recycling, so I want to be able to recycle, I can only open the economy. But I found that its economic model has accelerated faster, and the economic model is enough.

However, I still expect it to have a kind of custom model like it, I can adjust the power, and adjust the power recovery and adjust to the strongest.

This car also gives me a feeling: flexible.

It is usually going to fit my wife, we all open two cars, each open their own, take the same way, I am more flexible than her first arrival, and some of the zero will be more flexible.

So urban shooting car, do this level, I am very satisfied.


3 points of T03

In addition, I found this car and 3 points need to improve:

First, air conditioner.

When the winter is cold, the air conditioner is not hot. You adjust the temperature up to the highest, the result is the same as 22 degrees, there is no difference.

After the sale and the reply, the air conditioner will be opened when only 0 degrees is below 0 degrees, and the full power is three thousand watts. But more than 0 degrees, it is also very cold when one or two degrees, but the air conditioner can only open to a kilowatt. This is very affected by the car, the Qingdao wind is very large, and the two or three degrees is actually cold. One kilowatt air conditioner power is not enough.

Now the national group of zero running T03, including Qingdao Group, everyone is thinking how to make air conditioning hot, there is a rider saying that the air conditioner is just open, the default is the external cycle, after manual selection to the internal cycle, then cut outside What is loop, air conditioning power will be released, and there is another plurality of piles of chaos.

Many riders also feel that the North is a car, air conditioner is a problem. However, the experience of the South Cheyou is still very good, that temperature is already available.

Manufacturers should have noticed this problem, always said to be upgraded, but there is no upgrade now.

Second, there is still not very good, the second row seat cannot be set.

This kind of trolley is more good, often in the Dadio suits, if the space can be large. I don’t know if they have changed this year. If there is any design, if you don’t change, you will explain that the proposal to listen to the customer is not enough.

Third, the car is not easy to use.

First, the reaction is slow, and the second is that Tencent map does not do. I am still not used to using Tencent, and it is also Tencent on the car. I don’t have to use it.

In addition, I have recently found a problem with my car. When the brakes, if you touch the cachi or the well cover, the speed is slightly fast, you brake over the groove, the car may be bumpy, and the brake will suddenly don’t have a bump.

This is not reduced, there is this situation.

According to the two wheels of the coaxial, the brake will not, but the other two wheels are land, so the brake is there. Now I feel that the brakes of 4 wheels are gone.

This is quite scary, I don’t know if it is still a problem. I don’t know if it is related to the tires, because I think it is too thin, it’s not good, I spent 2,000 pieces, I upgraded the wheels and tires, changed to 195, it looks all the whole The car is more coordinated.

I don’t know, there is no relationship with the brake problem and the wheel.

This thing, I think it can only be reflected directly, and the 4S shop is not able to measure, it may not be able to measure. If the manufacturer attaches enough attention to this problem, you should test it yourself, but I haven’t been reacted yet.


4 big problems in the zero-run community

And my improvement suggestion

Finally, I also want to talk about zero-running community operations. Feeling that they are also learning to, but they still mean.

There is no substantial thing in the community, and it is entirely two things to work with it. The proposition will bring a lot of sales to Jiman, but these articles and dynamics of zero-run app may not.

Operating this in the community, I think zero runs four questions:

1, the activity of zero run is not enough.

2, the fine article is too small.

3, the plates on the app are too simple.

4, people can’t see the official people in the app.

In contrast, 蔚 来 a a a a 文 文 文 文 文 文 文 文 文 文 技术 技术 技术 技术 分析 技术 分析 技术 技术 技术 分析 分析 分析 分析 技术 技术 技术 技术 技术 技术 技术 分析 技术 技术 人 技术 分析 技术 技术 技术 技术 分析 还 技术 技术 技术 技术But zero running app, this guided article is too small, almost can’t see, I have not seen it.

There is no essence on the app, which leads to the comments below, and there is nothing in the comment area. It is irrigation, what is good, there is no wonderful thing.

And it is the app, the owner will send me at this moment, no matter what something, the post will have an official response, sometimes Bin Ge and Power will also comment below, the zero run app is not seen. We don’t know which one is the official person, it seems that there is no.

So the community atmosphere is still not good, not taken.

Community operations are issues for a root cycle and vicious circle. You have developed well, and it is good to loop. It’s always a dead cycle, and it is dead.

I estimate that the zero run may not be aware of these problems, and this is too small to operate in the community. I hope they can realize these problems, invest more energy, do a good job in community operation.

In addition, the zero run is currently exposed, and many people don’t know if there is such a brand, there is such a car.

I think the zero run should be more open from the media, and it is said that the factory visits. I heard that Zhu Jiangming Zhu is always a very pragmatic person, and the zero run is indeed material. So he should show some of their things to the outside world, you have to see it, how can the exposure can not sell?

The zero run is too silent, and it is a bit like the just beginning, it is bored out.

(This article is over)

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