“All car brands say that they are young, doing a show, but MG says Always Young, the war is full, and this is not a show, it is the idea in my bones, and I will do it from the bones. “Yu Jingmin, deputy general manager of the Shangqi Biofue Company, said in the media interview in MG X, MG Xiqi Electric Capability in March 21.

In recent years, almost all car brands have emphasized young, they want to be able to integrate the “young” label in the brand’s product strategy and marketing, seeking to resonate with more young people. Among them, it has become a lot of car companies to attack “young”, including “Peace Elite”, and Tesla, and the “King’s Glory” to launch the skin of the Skin, sponsor hero The Mercedes-Benz of the Alliance Professional League, and the “QQ Speed” jointly launched Rolls Royce, the world’s first virtual racing.

So what is the difference between the electrical recording of SAIC MG? Why do you choose to cooperate with the 哩 电, is the two incoming shots?

We are not a show

“The cooperation between other brands and electricity, more is the show, MG is not a show” Deputy General Manager of the Shangqi Biofue Company, Yu Jingmin, crossed the form of car enterprises that entered the bureau in order to enhance brand influence .

“Any MG activities will never take traffic, never just make a show, including our choice of spokesperson, including brand interaction.” Deputy General Manager of the Data Business Department of SAD, CHIFAC (CDO) Director and Marketing Executive Director Zhang Liang once again emphasized the essence of MG.

For the differences from other catering companies, Yu Jingmin emphasizes that MG and 哩 哩 电 电 电 电 哩 合, there are many innovative gameplay. For example, the chalection flagship store will become a new home office under the line of 哩 电. In the tidal flagship store and business circle, the fusion of 哩 哔 电竞 and MG users is also very high, so you can play a lot of different things together, and the combination of online and offline will bring more users. Fun, fun, and practical things.

“Our carrier – mg cyberster, from the interaction of the shape to the power to the sound and electricity,” Yu Jingmin said that the new round of technology competition must require intelligence, and intelligent is the need for hardware plug-in. Upgradeable, software can buy can be defined, through the joint development of the entire ecology, interaction with users, together with a common problem. In this regard, the Shangqi passenger car is still in front. This is also the foundation of the MG to travel to the world.

At the press conference, Mg’s “The world’s first pure electric super-running vessel” Mg CyBerster official map was first exposed. It is understood that Mg CyBerster is the first massive “electricity technology tide” in the auto industry, marking the birth of the new “car tour”.

This new car appearance reflects violent aesthetics and romantic collision, the internal depth integrates mechanical properties and intelligence technology, not only has 800 kilometers of battery life, 3 seconds of strongest mechanical capacity, but also based on new intelligent pure electric architecture And 5G Internet ability, will also build a super-induction experience, in the realistic realistic realistic reality, build an unprecedented super-sense virtual world, and the number one players in the new era produce deep resonance.

One shot, the soul partner

“When 哔 哩 电 择 择 partner is very cautious, we feel that MG and we are more equal in all aspects, and the automotive industry also hopes to enter the young user group, we can say even with MG.”哩 哔 电 电 副 王 王 王 王 王 道 道

From the perspective of SAIC MG, his cooperation with 哩 哩 电 电 电 是 是 年 年 年 方 展As everyone knows, the 哩 平 平 是 是 是 精 家 家 家 家 家 家 家 哩 哩 哩 哩 哩 哩 哩 哩 性 自 性 性 自 自 自 哩 哩 哩 哩 哩 哩 哩 哩 哩 自 哩 哩 家 家 自 自 自Differentiation of young groups.

From the perspective of 哩 电, the brand adjustment of the British MG in 1924 in 1924 is the young color of “sports, passion”. In addition, SAIC MG sits at the top of China’s export single brand for many years. In 2020, the MG brand has more than 310,000 units in the year, and the target rose 21.3%.

As two major powers in different fields, the strong combined configuration is naturally seen. It is reported that the two sides will derive differently in the new playmates, new gameplay, and new ecology.

Around the new playmates, there will be a series of cooperation, including but not limited to 哩 电 电子 用 利用 强 强 电 design capacity and UP main system, and jointly develop automotive products with SAIC MG.

Found around new gameplay, Joint “teammates” to enjoy the “travel + electricity” new scene, users can call the Eute egg truck on the enhanced travel platform, and participate in automotive engine and e-sports The game, experience the trendy playing method in the O2O field. Subsequent, the tripartite will unlock more new gameplay, and create a loop to create.

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