Investor relationship management is especially important for a listed enterprise, not only to maintain existing investors, but also face all potential investors in the market. “Taoist said the car” edited during the “3 ยท 15” period, the investor I gave a consultant to a consultant.

Among them, there were 18 connected car companies. Among them, the three receptionists represented by Jianghuai Automobile were enthusiastic, and the words were greeted, and the professional; China’s iron did not disclose the latest securities department telephone, the audience Not securities affairs staff. During the 4 unlicensed listed car companies, Changan cars did not contact the telephone number of the Securities Affairs in the latest report, another Yutong Bus, Shuguang Shares, Beiqi Blue Valley, these three multiple dials are in occupying or Unattended.

“Taoist said car” edit the comprehensive telephone connection, the service attitude and problem solutions, the performance of 22 listed vehicles. (Note: The following survey results are for reference only by considering the experience of answering personnel experience and editing calls.


Three companies harvested five-star popular Jianghuai Auto, Great Wall Auto and Futian Motors are in the ranks of Winners in the telephone turnover, speech attitude and professional answers.

These three investor hotline not only can be turned on in time and the receptionist attitude is kind, patience and polite, while the issues raised by investors can conduct professional answers, and give Pecken opinions and opinion suggestions, even face Some companies have negative problems can also be better answers.

Take the Great Wall Motor as an example, when the editor’s question is not very good, do you have anything? The Great Wall Receptionist said patiently. We are also quite concerned about this piece of the stock market. Although some securities people also say that the market style has changed in the near future, the current stock price is relatively weak, but from the company’s business sales, it is very normal. .

When the Jianghuai Automobile issued to the stockholdal, it would be a good news to the stock, and it depends on the opportunity. If there is a good event will be announced in time.

In addition, five-star praised these three receptionists were very kind, and the tone was very kind and gave himself an objective answered answer.

Four stars still need to work hard

Harvesting four-star praised five companies are still good, but these companies have a certain amount of progress in some aspects alone.

For example, when the receptionist of the SAG Group is necessary to edit the question after receiving the editor’s question, you can reply to the question after the name and stock number are available. This has not appeared in the consultation of other companies, although the receptionist is more serious in the attitude and question answer, but if it is a potential investor, I must need to provide personal information to answer?

In addition, the ranks of hippocampus falling into the four-star ranks in the first number of the company’s disclosure of securities Affairs, there is a very harsh sound, causing editing to talk to the other party, have to call another number. Although the receptionist of FAW liberation is very kind, it is not clear for some problems.

Samsung Er Star and Cherish

In fact, getting the overall feelings of Samsung and Er stars are not very good, one side is that the speech attitude is not very active, and on the other hand, it is basically in the question answer, which is not convenient to reveal the passing of the past.

Non-listeners are unparalleled with the quality of reply, the interaction is quite cold, and the investors are cold. The difference between Ethix and Samsung is to have a more painful tone in the response problem, and the attitude is more perfunctory, and the interactivity is more weakened, and the quality of the problem is more general.

Through the score sheet, it can be seen that the total number of companies from Samsung and below accounts for more than half of the total survey, which means that the listed car companies generally lack high quality interaction with investors in investors, although these Samsung Er. Can be turned on but from problematic recovery, it can be said to be another form of “furnishings”. At the same time, three one-star car enterprise three telephones have been dialed, and another Changan car does not even publish investor hotline in the latest report.

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