Automotive gyzykly, it is stupid! This topic is originally the topic of brainwood, lyrical and shunting in the media, and there is no impact on the real hydrogen industry industry. But today I saw that BYD Wang passed forward “shelling” hydrogen cars, still feel a little surprised! Development of hydrogen energy is a national strategy, and is one of the key industrial planning directions in Daxan District. Why is there a new energy car “eat crab people” so light hydrogen can automotive route potential?

BYD, Tesla, the leader in the three car fields, originally three competitors that despise each other, why is it agreeing on the “shell” hydrogen can be reached, how to understand a few big “blockacter “Hydrofal fuel battery car back motivation?

Wang Chuanfu: Electricity and hydrogen should have “歪 风 气” in civil new energy vehicles

Recently, WeChat public account “Di Nest” issued, said BYD Wang Chuanfu visited BYD, publicly bombarding hydrogen energy vehicles. Wang Chuanfu said that civil new energy vehicles, electricity exchange and hydrogen are all dilapidated, and only the engineering car is exchanged. Wang Chuanfu will be exchanged and hydrogen should be called “歪风 气” on civil new energy vehicles.

Mask: The fuel cell technology is at the same time, the fuel cell is “laughing battery”

Earlier, the arrest of the Amazing Tesla CEO Mask was published on the personal social platform, saying that “the fuel cell should be called the IQ tax, which is a stupid choice for the car. “.

The hydrogen chain is understood that this is not Mask’s first in the application prospects of the fuel cell in the car. As early as 2013, he declared that the fuel cell is too far away from the vehicle power source, and hydrogen is more suitable for use to do rocket fuel rather than vehicle power. Since then, in April 2017, Mask has created a golden sentence “Fuel Cells = Fool Cells”; then he repeatedly said that the fuel cell technology is simultaneously in the crap, the fuel cell is “laughing battery”.

Dis: You won’t see any hydrogen in the car, it will not be in 10 years.

Herbert Diess, the CEO of the Volkswagen, recently said in an interview with “Wealth”, “You will not see any hydrogen applications in the car, even 10 years, because this physics principle behind this It’s too unreasonable. “

Wang Chuanfu, Mask, Volkswagen CEO Diz three big men teamed up with “shelling”, “blocked” hydrogen cars, there is a big pair of people who are born, reverse my death domineering! What is it?

Every industry has guardians, Wang Chuanfu, Mask is the lithium battery industry promoters and subsidies the biggest surprises, and the guardian of the electric car era.

First, the technical route is competitive. Hydrogen fuel cars is still a teenager, while electric vehicles have adulthood. The electric vehicle also pressed against the traditional fuel trucks in the past, and today, it was not easy to achieve mass production. In 2020, the “Valuation King” Wang Chuanfu, Masks, the side of the couch, the side of the couch, of course, will not let the hydrogen can be used to share the cake.

Second, lithium electricity and hydrogen electrical technology are different, and the conversion cost is high. At this stage, civil hydrogen electric passenger car companies may still spend ten years of hard work to overcome costs, and the construction of hydrogen station infrastructure needs time. And the king is blessing, Masks can take the “peach” of the electric vehicle market, naturally there is no need to repeat the hard work of the technology overcome and infrastructure.

When BYD did not choose a ternary battery route, it is not selected to have a hydrogen fuel cell technology route. Because of the phosphate blade battery technology is still “sharp”, it is temporarily able to maintain the value of BYD market customer value network, BYD does not power in the new Technical track on the layout.

“Innovative Dilemma” Theory shows that new technological innovation is often not starting with mature large companies, but starting from small businesses, start-up companies. It is a pity that the two “Cancer” of the new energy car is becoming the “presses” of the new technology route.

The third is to underestimate the effect of hydrogen energy technology triggered the “Energy Revolution”. The transportation area is only the starting point of current hydrogen energy applications. As shown in the figure below, from energy replacement, hydrogen energy is unlimited in power, petrochemical, air, industrial gases, renewable energy power generation, energy Internet, etc. Substate, in carbon-up, carbon neutralization, renewable energy power generation and energy internet fields have an irreplaceable function.

Most importantly, China is a large country in manufacturing, and hydrogen energy is similar to manufacturing, and the energy industry has become a manufacturing industry is an energy revolution. “It has a subversion effect. As long as domestic enterprises have made breakthroughs in hydrogen energy manufacturing technology, hydrogen The application cost of the terminal is significantly reduced, then the hydrogen energy industry, including the future of hydrogen, will be a star sea, and the big industry in which people can see “ceiling”.

The righteous car industry has not changed for a hundred years, and future new energy vehicles may only be a carrier of energy Internet industry chain and cannot be divided. So, standing in the moment, low-estate hydrogen can not be terrible, standing in the future, the influence of “Energy Revolution” is not a short-scope, let us wait and see.

Disclaimer: The content of the article is for reference only and does not represent the hydrogen cloud chain agrees with its views or confirm its description.

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