With the rapid development of the automotive industry, all kinds of various types of models have emerged, allowing consumers to pick up their eyes, many netizens ask questions in the message area, how to choose, how can I find the most suitable model? Generally speaking, the current model is mainly divided into several kinds of fuel vehicles, plugging hybrid models and pure electric models. In fact, it is not so difficult, mainly to consider some specific needs.

First of all, we need to take into account the problem of the license. In some cities, the ordinary license plate shakes are difficult to go to the sky, plus the restrictions, etc., so the advantage of the green card is obvious, and the fuel truck is not recommended, after all, for the family, I really don’t have so much time to wait for the shake, pure tram type and plugging mix cars can go green, more convenient, but especially mainly, all hybrid models in Beijing cannot locate new energy licenses.

Then you need to consider your own environment. If you live in a warm southern area, then the pure electric car is undoubtedly a good choice, does not need to ask the problem of returning to shrink water, and now look at the charging conditions of the South (most areas ) Universally, the owner is more convenient, and the cost of integrated use is also more affordable. Although the price of pure tram type is higher than the fuel truck, this gap can be ignored after several years.

Conversely, if you are in the cold north, then the pure electric model has a kind of “inch is difficult”, then the fuel car and plugging mix will be more advantage, which is required to be based on local licenses and their own habits. Strictly speaking, the plug-in mixing model is a good transitional product between the fuel trass and the pure electric car, which can avoid the trouble brought by the harsh conditions, but also bridge lower fuel consumption. And more smooth driving experience, using and pure electric vehicles.

Simple summary, when there is an obstacle, it directly eliminates the fuel car, but it can choose a fuel car. After all, its cost is low, and the market is used for so long, most models are higher, maintenance The cost is lower. If you don’t consider the fuel car, you should choose according to your own place of residence and charging conditions, the conditions are abundant, especially when you have a large amount of charge or surrounding position, you choose a pure electric vehicle type, if there are some inconvenient, Plugging mix is ​​the best choice, collecting a number of advantages such as pure electric driving experience, low fuel consumption and green card.

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