On March 18th, the high-end seven SUVs launched by Chery’s high-end brand appearances were officially launched. As the main product of Chery for many years, the launch of the Star is also a representative model of the high-end market in large SUVs in a new round of independent brands.

Star Road is officially launched

It is reported that the Star is launched a 6 model, which matches 1.6T (290T) and 2.0T (390T) engines, and the total price range is 1.689 million to 2.299 million yuan.

Among them, the low-cost model is equipped with a 1.6T engine, the maximum horsepower 197PS, and the peak torque is 290 nm. This engine, before Chery also matched on the Tiggo 8 model, with good power and fuel economy.

The medium and high models are equipped with a star nuclear power 2.0TGDI engine. The industry-leading 350BAR ultra-high voltage direct injection system and Miller circulatory technique are 14 “black technology”, which can explode 187kW maximum power and 390 nm maximum torque, maximum horsepower It is 254 ps, and the 100 km accelerate 8.3 seconds. Have to say, the engine of the star is coming to the moon, can be said in the same type of model.

It is understood that the start of the Star, which is built by Chery Exclusive M3X Mars, in the field of safe driving and intelligent technology, also has a prominent performance. Among them, the automatic driving function can reach an amazing L2.5. Equipped Lion Lion Zhiyun 4.0 intelligent interactive system, can realize voice interaction, but also support intelligent identification and monitoring analysis. At the same time, 2.0T version of the model is standard 12.3 吋 LCD high-definition screen, keyless entry / start, intelligent start and stop, three-zone automatic air conditioning, CN95 antibacterial air conditioning filter + active cockpit cleaning, fatigue detection and other configurations.

In order to have a more intuitive understanding of the star, the consumer’s car purchase plan provides a reference. We launched the monthly-dried 2021 390t two-spear, and the price is close, the same is the seven SUV Chuanqi GS82021 390T two-wheel drive luxury Zhilian commemorative version of the two cars (hereinafter referred to as the star driving month and Chuan GS8), do a contrast, see which car is more worth buying.

1, the star is longer, the space is larger.

First, aspects of the body size, the long-length width of the star is 4970mm * 1940mm * 1788mm, and the wheelbase is 2900 mm. This body size is difficult to have opponents in the same level, even better than the classic model, which looks strong.

Star Take the Lunar Exterior

Star Telings Internal Space

The passage of Chuan GS8 has a length of 4835mm * 1910mm * 1785mm, the wheelbase is 2800mm, and the month is inferior to the star, not only the body length is 135mm, but the wheelbase is also 100mm. So the star is much larger than the Church GS8 space. If you care about the space space, it is recommended that consumers choose the star.

Chuanqi GS8 appearance

Chuanqi GS8 internal space

2, the star road is strong, the fuel economy is good

The star is equipped with a 2.0T engine, the maximum power is 254 hp, and the peak torque is 390 nm. Equipped with current high-end cars commonly 7-way wet dual-clutch gearbox, 100 kilometers accelerated only 8.3 seconds, comprehensive fuel consumption of 7.9 liters. It is reported that this engine has also adopted a small double balance axis system in the industry, and the smooth performance is better.

In 2021, Guangqi had partially upgraded two Chuanqi GS8 listed. The newly equipped 2.0T engine is the application of in-cylinder direct injection technology to effectively improve the dynamic performance and fuel economy of the vehicle. A series of top science and technology such as double flow path, lightweight cylinder and low friction piston coating make this model more powerful, achieving maximum power 252 hp, peak torque 390 nm.

However, relative to the 7th wet double clutch gearbox, the 6th-speed hand of the Chuan GS8 is a bit different, the motivation and driving experience is slightly different. In the fuel economy, according to the information of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, it is more expensive than 7.9L, and the 8.2L of Chuan GS8 is more fuel more than 7.9L.

3, the star is more luxurious, comfortable

In terms of interior, the Star is a 12.3 吋 LCD high-definition screen, and the super panoramic sunroof is used to use 7 layouts of “2 + 3 + 2”. The first row of seats support 12 to automatic adjustment, both vertical, heating, second row, aviation sleep headrest, third row equipment yacht-level panoramic side window, three rows of seats can also put down 20 吋 suitcases.

Star Take the moon interior

The Chuanqi GS8 car is equipped with 10.1 inch central control LCD screen. The car is equipped with a pressure-decentralized human engineering seat to meet various sites of different body types. At the same time, it is equipped with a PM2.5 air purification system + negative ion generator, all-round continuous purification car quality.

Chuanqi GS8 interior

From the perspective of interior, the star is more luxurious, more comfortable, and more technology.

4, driving auxiliary star is safer

In terms of safe driving, the Star is equipped with an L2.5 automatic driving assistance system with 22 ADAS features. ACC adaptive cruise, FCW collision warning (pedestrian, bicycle identification), LKA lane maintenance, TJA traffic congestion assist, traffic logo recognition, blind spot monitoring, post collision warning, lane holding, traffic logo identification, blind spot monitoring, hud look up Display function. Star Tao Lunar L2.5 Automatic Driving Assistant System

In addition to the safety equipment such as brake assist (EBA / BAS / BA, etc.) such as brake assist (EBA / BAS / BA, etc.), traction control (ASR / TCS / TCS / TRC, etc.), in addition to the moon, and the lane departure system, lane maintenance assist System, road traffic identification identification, active brake / active safety system, fatigue driving prompt and other functions. The cruise settlement system, Chuanqi GS8 or fixed speed cruise, full-speed adaptive cruise function is reflected in its high-profile models.

5, the system of the car system is more advanced

In terms of science and technology, the star is equipped with Lion Lions Zhiyun 4.0 system, full function, and all kinds of mainstream APPs are equipped. In addition, the moon is also in depth in depth, building a living scene function, smart parking lot, online movie ticket purchase, etc., allowing the Internet of Things to make more diverse. The start of the Star is also supported by smart face recognition, Bluetooth key, smart soundted identification, etc., bringing more fun and convenience to driving life.

Star Tao Lion Lion Lion Zhiyun 4.0 System

At the same time, I have to mention the AR technology applications of the star. AR Real Navigation, combining the roadmakes collected by the camera to enhance the reality technology, and better guide the driver to make the correct road choices, but also guarantee the driver’s driving safety.

Star Take the Month Real VR

And Chuanqi GS8 2021 model upgrade, mainly adding the Adigo Wisdom Terminology, including wisdom, 4G T-Box smartphone remote monitoring security system, and voice interaction, intelligent navigation and other functions, it is reported that these functions can be OTA upgrade.

Chuanqi GS8 Adigo Wisdom System

in conclusion

As a domestic independent brand Chery a few years, the star is the best in power or configuration, and it is called the leader in the same level. Especially large body, stylish appearance, luxurious interior, and various safe driving assistance equipment and intelligent technology interconnect equipment, compared with the autonomous brand, the GS8 advantage is more obvious, in other same-level cars It is not weak.

And the two models we compared, the price is very close, both of which are more than 180,000. It should be noted that the comparison is the star driving model. The Chuanqi GS8 is entry-level 2021, and the two-phase compare we will find that the price of the star is higher.

So we can foresee that as the Queen of the high-end SUV market in Chery, the star will usher in the market after listed on the market.

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